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Conference League Quarterfinals: Fenerbahce-Olympiakos(18 April 2024, Sukru Saracoglu, Konstantinoupoli)

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Rodinei for the win


Livakovic got a piece of it, it hits the line, and.....they say NO!

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7 minutes ago, Antaeus7 said:

I still can't believe Tzolakis outshined Livakovic in the penalty shoot out. That young Greek has ice water in his veils! 

And it's not like Livakovic went easy on us. He still stopped two! That usually does it!

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Aston Villa will be next, they are playing very good football this season in the EPL. Fourth place and actually doing better than Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham. This will be Olympiakos biggest test of the Conference League. 

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