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ECL-Rof16-L1: Dinamo Zagreb - PAOK (07.03.24, 22:00 EET)


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Our players never showed up for the game. And when you make silly mistakes you pay for it. I don't think we stand a chance of qualifying. I just hope we close our European campaign next week with a respectable showing and then concentrate on the playoffs.

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1 hour ago, PAOKARA said:

I can’t see us not conceding in the next fixture. They’ll park the bus, looking to hit us on the counter. No urgency, didn’t even throw a punch today.


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One thing to lose, another thing to lose like that. Awful performance with barely a punch thrown from us. We've had a few awful performances this season sprinkled amongst the good performances and results. 

Obviously going to be tough next week, I do give us a chance (albeit a small one) of winning by 2 goals and forcing the game to extra time. I don't think our attack will be that toothless for a 2nd game in a row and while Dinamo defended well, we certainly helped by moving the ball so slowly and with our countless turnovers. 

If we put the screws to them and have players run at them and get in behind they will concede goals, they aren't a defensive juggernaut by any means. 

I do think they'll score though, so I think we are going to have score at least three to force extra time and based off today's performance you can't say we will be scoring 3 with any confidence. 

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