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Cup-SF-L1: PAOK - Panathinaikos (14.02.24, 19:30 EET)


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Didn't catch the game, but based on the highlights we deserved at least a goal. Pana could have had a 2nd with that Sporar shot from close range that Kotarski saved brillianty. 

As for Taison-Bakasetas incident, disappointing that we will be missing Taison from either the Olympiako game (if it goes ahead) or the 2nd leg.

I am a fan of Bakasetas and what he has done with the Ethniki, but a player losses instant respect in my eyes when they wanna act tough, engage in the push and shove and then the switch flips and they hit the deck like a sack of sh1t. You wanna step to an opposition player fine do it, but stand your ground manga. I know he's not the first and he won't be the last to do it, but not a good look for any player. I am glad the Dutch ref didn't buy his awfully acted performance and he was sent off too. He would be feeling foolish right now. 

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