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ECL-GS-R1: HJK Helsinki - PAOK (21.09.23, 19:45 EEST)


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1 hour ago, Dutch Eagle said:

FT. 2-3. First points. First money. Bravo. Our 100% score against Finnish teams is a fact 😁

An addition here:

No real points yet as all participants of ECL GS start with 2.5 points regardless what they do in GS. A win is 2 points, a draw 1. So we are at 2.0 points now. Every single point we get from now on WILL increase our tally for this season in the club ranking. 

Our win however does effect/increase the coefficient of Greece (but with the divider of 5 as Greece started this season with 5 teams and thus 0,4 points (2.0:5))

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Did not see the game as I was in the middle of all the Oktoberfest craziness. Followed the game on line but after the first 1 liter the score was a disappointing 1:0.

Continued drinking and completely forgot about the game only to find out the final score after I got back to the hotel.

Good result and hopefully we can get something out of the home game against Eintracht.

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Oktoberfest was on my bucket list for a long time. Finally got to experience it. Let's  just say that it is one huge place with a lot of craziness going on, no doubt fueled by all the beer that is flowing by the liters. It's very crowded at nights and it's hard to get a table at the beer tents. Best way is to sweet talk the tourist that have a table to let you share the table. We were jumping between beer tents and always found somebody to let us join their party. On Thursday night I was discussing soccer with a guy from Belgium who used to play for Zulte Wareham, and one hour later at another beer tent we had a great time with people from France.

Lot of drunk people. Mainly the locals. Witnessed drunks being escorted out by security, and people sick with alcohol poisoning being wheeled out by emergency. Even saw a dead body being taken away. However most people there were just having fun. Quite an interesting place. 

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