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ECL-QR2-L1: PAOK - Beitar Jerusalem (27.07.23, 20:30 EEST)


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Did not see the game, but from what it looks we are playing the same shitty game that we played at the end of the last season. The team is so predictable. Unfortunately we are stuck with Lucescu until the end of the season. We need a new coach that will come in and shakes things up.

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I disagree Lucsecu is a good coach if he has the team that he wants, he is a proven performer. In his 2 seasons back at the helm, he's had us in a tittle race (within 5-7 points) in the playoffs when we had no right to be. The team ultimately fell away due to lack of depth. 

He's guided us 2 Cup finals (yes last years final was an awful display) and let's not forget guided us to the quarter finals of a European competition. 

He's been asking for a dekari since 2021, the board/Savvidis hasn't signed him one. Only once Konstantelias arrived as a player and the signing of a 35-year-old Taison was that issue addressed. A whole 18 months since Lucescu first arrived. 

The team has been aging and has been in need of a revamp for a while. The signings we make have been hit and miss, the good ones (Narey, Kotarski) are out weighed by poor ones Nasberg, Qualigata, Kargas, Andre Ricardo, Filpe Soares (for the 3 million that was played he hasn't showed enough). 

Add to that the average ones: Thomas, Sastre, Kedziora, who aren't bad players but really should only be depth, they are okay/average players. Instead these guys are starters. 

The further layer is that AEK, and to a lesser extent PAO are splashing $ for signings which has improved their level considerably. Those teams have depth, in just about every position. We do not have the same quality. So for me the board and Savvidis hasn't helped Lucescu, so not sure turning over the manager will yield greatly different results. In fact I would say it would get worse, before it got better. 


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Good points by paokarag4, but Lucescu does not help himself out either. He kept insisting on re-signing and using players such as Biseswar and El Kaddouri with poor results. Also one of Lucescu's biggest faults is that he is very predictable, which opposing coaches easily identify and adjust their strategy accordingly. He sticks strictly to the 4-2-3-1 formation. How about throwing in a second striker when the opposing team plays with 10 man for almost 80  minutes. And everyone knows that the first sub will happen at the 60th minute mark.

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