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PAE PAOK General News (2022-2023)


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Angelos Anastasiadis back to PAOK as 2nd Vice-President.

Changes to the Board of Directors of PAOK PAOK after the restructuring - Departure of Giorgos Savvidis and three others, return of Angelos Anastasiadis to Thessaloniki as 2nd Vice President and responsible for the project of the new sports center.


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The new PAE PAOK Board of Directors that will be made official during Decembers General Meeting will be as follows:

PRESIDENT: Ivan Savvidis
VICE PRESIDENT 'A': Chrysostomos Gagatsis
VICE PRESIDENT 'B': Aggelos Anastasiadis  (Project Manager of New Training facilities in Thermi)

Maria Goncharova (Economic Director)
Dimokratis Papadopoulos  (Amateur PAOK representative)
Kyriakos Kyriakou
Vasilios Chatziapostolou (Network Partner Coordinator)
Periklis Papadopoulos (Director of Medical Matters)
Dimitrios Moutakis (New Toumba Stadium Project Manager)

The new members (in bold) are replacing Geogios Savidis, Artur Davidian, Tryfon Koukios and Evaggelos Chrysochoos.

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PAOK FC club statement

The moment we were all waiting for… The Professional Sports Committe (EEA), of Tzoulakis and Arkoudis, the favorite tool of Lefteris Avgenakis, has sought to find its moment to attempt to take revenge on PAOK for their international humiliation at the Court of Arbritration for Sport (CAS) regarding the so-called multi-ownership scheme in the case that they tried to set up against the club.


Today, the trustees of the Professional Sports Comiittee (EEA) have called PAOK to provide explanations regarding the personal case of Giorgos Savvidis, something that PAOK knows absolutely nothing about.

In any case, the outcome for them will be the same, however, we draw attention once again to Lefteris Avgenakis, who chooses a vendetta with PAOK. PAOK proved to you that it is both morally and legally protected, in order not to allow you to try and carry out your pre-election initiatives.

Now, it is a matter of honor for us your political punishment and your definitive departure from the country’s sporting scene, as the most spiteful and dangerous deputy minister of sports in history. Already your tenure in your position causes us great surprise and dissatisfaction with the government, which allows you to ridicule equality, the institutions and unfortunately also your birthplace.



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The absolute decay of the Greek state: Here is the... anonymous complaint that mobilized the EEA against PAOK!

To laugh or to cry with the practices of directed state apparatuses? See the document that EEA included as... reliable in the file to call PAOK PAOK to apologize. SDNA reveals.



"Dear Mr. President I am sure you are aware of the attached case file regarding mafia actions in Greek football. I am also sure that as a man of integrity and authority you will take this particular case to the authorities so that the guilty are punished and we can hope that no one will go unpunished.

A fan of the Historical "Iraklis of Thessaloniki."




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FT 3-0.

Goals Brandon ('35 according to later info), Bradonjic ('87) and Gordeziani ('90+)

Ταλιχμανίδης, Moρικέλι, Τσαούσης, Γιαξής, Μπράντονιτς, Βιεϊρίνια, Ρικάρντο, Κεντζιόρα, Γκορντεζιάνι were subbed in during the match.

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Great play by Brandonjic about 3 minutes in, which Thomas overshoots. From what I read a few weeks ago, he has been doing very well in the B team. Wouldn't shock me if we call him back up.

Also glad to see Gordeziani score. Looked unstoppable that preseason before he broke his arm.

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I also missed Dutch Eagle's mention that Tsaousis got a few minutes too - I don't have much faith that he'll play again this season, but MAYBE Lucescu gives him another chance this summer...

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Too lazy to start a new transfers topic (and this isn't really a transfer) - looks like Thiago Dantas is staying another season on loan. I think that's a great move - this kid has the potential to be great.

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