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Transfer News and Rumors - January 2023


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PAOK's problem is that is cannot grow. There seems to be an awful tendency to bring in people who we were sold or left a few years ago. Stoch, Mak, Akpom, Lucescu just to name a few. Now we are also being linked with Prijovic. If you want to grow as an organisation you need to let go of the past and find new players and people who will bring you to the next level.

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On 11/5/2022 at 5:26 PM, pash said:

Wouldn't surprise me if this guy is who we get. If you'll recall the rumors in the summer...


Possibly, but considering that after we did  not sign him he failed to find another team to play for. Would appear to be a "palto" that nobody wants. 

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Boto allegedly has already met with that Martins fella, as they're both in Portugal. I am not clear on if Martins is a true free agent (some sites say he is) - I would assume we simply can't sign anyone until the transfer window opens up though, right? Which means he'd miss out on the Cyprus training camp. Assuming he does end up signing with us.

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