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Friendly: Malta - Greece (17 Nov. 2022, 19:00 EEST - National Stadium, Ta' Qali)

Dutch Eagle

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2 hours ago, PaokCT said:

I mean not really. He was a stud. Dominating teams in Europe. However, when he went to England he was expected to preform right away. He didn't play well for a few games and then he barely got time after that. They didn't give him a real shot so they messed up his own development.

Nah bro. Give credit where it’s due. Paok ripped them off huge. He’s not cut out for England. 

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1 minute ago, J1078 said:

It's one step forward two steps back with this team. They showed the same thing against Cypress as well. A team that has turned the corner don't have performances like this.

Please correct your spelling, that's downright offensive

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