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Greek Cup (2022-2023)


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The 2022-2023 Greek Cup has entered Round 6 and this is the stage where the teams that played in Europe will enter the competition, including PAOK.

The following teams will enter the draw for Round 6 (Round of 16): 

Superleague 1 Teams

PAOK Thessaloniki
NFC Volos
Atromitos Athens
AEK Athens
Aris Thessaloniki
PAS Lamia
Panathinaikos Athens
Olympiakos Piraeus

Superleague 2 Teams

PO Kalamata
Athens Kallithea
Apollon Pontou

Amateur Cup Winner Teams

Aghios Nikolaos
Apollon Paralimni

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I went to Agios Nikolaos a year or two before the pandemic. Fun time, was much livelier than its reputation gave it credit for. But my cousins kept insisting I be impressed by Spinalonga. I refuse to be tricked into becoming a leper, thank you very much!

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QF leg 1:

Τετάρτη 18 Ιανουαρίου 2023

14:00 Απόλλων Παραλιμνίου - Λαμία
17:30 ΑΕΚ - Πανσερραϊκός
19:00 Ολυμπιακός - Άρης
20:30 ΠΑΟΚ - Παναθηναϊκός

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Beating Panathinaikos means we'd play the winner of that first pair - most likely Lamia (though they only won 1-2 today).

This team's Paralimni is the one near Serres, right? It would be a much more convenient drive for the boys if they won. Let's hope they beat those big meanies from Lamia.

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Today EPO has changed the date for the final to May 27, 2023. They still can't make their mind up where it's going to be played.

Also, our return semifinal match against Lamia will be played on April 13 at 17:00 EEST.

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Achilleas Beos, owner of NFC Volos and Mayor of the city of Volos has announced that he will not allow the Greek Cup final to be played in the Panthessaliko Stadium. Inching closer to a cup final in the empty OAKA Stadium in Athens.

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And on Saturday, May 20 just one day before general elections in Greece.

Each finalist is expected to get somewhere between 5,000 -7,000 tickets.

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The Cypriot police has not given the OK yet for the Greek Cup final to take place in Nicosia.

The initial indications are that the police will demand that only 1,000 tickets per team will be allocated for the game. They scheduled a meeting on April 20th to discuss details for the game and also confirm that the game willbe played in Cyprus.

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As I expected Cypriot policed did not give the OK to have the Greek Cup final in Nicosia. As a result EPO will again approach the super lamogio Beos to see if he will allow them to use Panthessaloniko Stadium in Volos. Like I said before, my money is on OAKA in Athens.

Meanwhile in the Olympiakos is winning 1:0 at half time in the semifinal against AEX. Would be interesting to see what happens if they tie the game in 2nd half.  

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