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SL1-R6: PAOK - Panathinaikos (02-10-22, 21:30 EEST)


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The blamming of Luceacou is by puppets of Ivan trying to take the heat of him. 

How is it Razvans fault that he doesnt have a striker, a number 10, a left winger, a left back???? 

Today Lyratzis was junk

Veirinhia shouldnt be playing for PAOK anymore... 

Dandas is not good enough for PAOK starting 11 , while he has talent - why is it PAOKs job to make him become a better player at our expense? 

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11 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

Game lost by Lucescu coaching. Outcoached by Jovanovic once again. He needed to make changes at halftime. 

This is what happens when you only have one system. Eventually you will get found out, oppositions will counter you and you can't respond/react.

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I watched up until the equaliser then had other things to do.

Lucescu will always have his name written in the golden pages of our history book, but I think it is clear that the board has a big decision to make. Do they give Lucescu more time or do they show him the door? It is always easy to speak in hindsight, however we should have never taken him back in the first place.

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It was a good game with lots of energy on the field.  There’s lots of games left  on the  schedule should not hit panic mode if you’re PAOK.   I think its going to be a tight finish and the championship will probably be decided in the playoffs.

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