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PAOK in Europe 2022-2023 (News, Draws, Rankings)

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PAOK at home against the winner of Velež (BIH) vs Hamrun Spartans (MLT) if we win.  

Give us the Maltese as we never played a club from that country.  Never met a Bosnian side too but I prefer Hamrun.

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Great draw for us.

Panathinaikos will probably play Slavia Prague (and they will lose). Aris will probably get Ivic's Maccabi Tel Aviv, and also will lose.

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17 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

I think our matchup against Levski is more difficult than the possible Velez/Hamrun matchup in QR3.

agree. which is why we will beat Levski and lose to Hamrun

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“Earned” 1,500 points for the ranking this season. Just what we lost in the season we lost to the Swedish fishermen. So we end again on 25,000 like last year.

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