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Ha! Thanks for the reminder (and the wishes). Yes, it's been 25 years! Wow! Time flies! Through good times and not-so-good times. 25 years is a long time (I'm tired just by thinking about it! 😄

Thanks to all the members that throughout these years have shared their thoughts with the rest of the community and have kept these forums an interesting place to visit and interact.

Well, I'll lift up my glass tonight and drink to the Forums and all the Members that have been a part of this tight knit community.

To infinity and beyond!

Toy Story Movie GIF by Disney Pixar

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I'm so sorry I missed this, but May is one of my worst months in terms of work for me (end of the academic year).

But, I have to make up for this now by raising many glasses 🙂 😉

I got ..old as a member here. I think I joined around 2000 and then I had to rejoin a couple years later when the new website was launched, or something...

Yeah, many memories... and many thousands of words (not all brilliant, I admit)



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