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SL1-PO-R8: PAOK - Aris (11-05-22, 18:30 EEST)


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Pffffffff. What a poor display. 

Must be said: deserved win for the worms. True champs of Thessaloniki. They have speed, cleverness, urge. Everything we lack at the moment.

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Pathetic. I was telling our friend from CT earlier that they are treating this play off like the NT used to treat tournaments. Calculate the bare minimum you need to pass, and don't put in even a smidge more effort than that. They're probably counting on PAO dropping points later today.

If they go into the cup final like this, they'll lose. It is laughably easy to thread a ball between our guys. They clearly have also forgotten how to control the ball when they do have it.

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The problem is that out of today's starters at least half of them know they will not be part of the team next season. And they have known it for a while. At least since the start of the playoffs. The result is the pathetic effort on the field.

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Today's results:

PAOK - Aris  0:1
AEK - PAS  3:0
Olympiakos - PAO  1:2


1. Olympiakos  79
2. PAOK  60
3. PAO  58
4. Aris  56
5. AEK  56
6. PAS   46

Round 9:

Olympiakos - PAOK
Aris - AEK

Round 10:

PAS - Aris
AEK - Olympiakos

I don't see us getting more than 1 point in our remaining games. Thankfully we have the tie-breaker with AEK, so we can lose both games and still make Europe.

The bad thing is that PAO with today's win secures European spot and will rest all their player in the game against us at Toumba. Was hoping they would need a result in that game, which would mean they would not have the luxury of resting players ahead of the Cup final.

My prediction for final standings:

1. Olympiakos  82
2. PAO    62
3. PAOK  61
4. Aris    60
5. AEK    60
6. PAS   46


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