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ECL-QF-L2: PAOK - Olympique Marseille (14-04-22, 22:00 EEST)


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Payet too good for us. 

We missed to many chances 

We dont have the quality players you need to win a match like this. 

Lets hope the summer transfers bring us some solid players & we can have more European runs like tbis one

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We did not have luck on our side today. Not a single bounce going our way. We had chances, but in the end if you don't score you don't win. 

Major rotation against Aris on Sunday, and get ready for Olympiakos on Thursday.

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@Dutch Eaglethey didn't play with any brakes, they just kept the ball better than we did. This game should have been a 3-0 wipeout and that is exactly what would have happened if we had a proper striker.

I cannot believe we are not through to the semi final. We have not learned from Alkmaar, Ajax, Schalke and Krasnodar.

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2 minutes ago, PAOKSYD said:

Pesta Athens4 dutch people and thier issues with greece is messed up

Calm down, mate. I know your p!ssed (so am I), but he just sees it differently. Nothing wrong with that. We are all PAOK here.

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