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Dutch Eagle

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Let's look at our realistic chances at leading the group heading into the playoffs:

Panathinaikos - at Asteras, vs Lamia, at Aris, vs Volos, at Oly, vs Panetolikos, at Atromitos (Prediction 13 points)

AEK - vs Aris, at Atromitos, vs Levadiakos, at PAOK, vs Asteras, at OFI, vs Oly (Prediction 14 points)

PAOK - vs Levadiakos, vs Oly, at Asteras, vs AEK, at PAS, vs Ionikos, at Volos (Prediction 17 points)

Olympiakos - vs OFI, at PAOK, vs Panetolikos, at Lamia, vs Pana, vs Levadiakos, at AEK (Prediction 15 points)


That would have the standings at :

1. Panathinaikos - 58 points

2. AEK - 58 points

3. PAOK - 56 points

4. Olympiakos - 54 points


We essentially need to win out to get to first before the playoffs


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All we need is to keep it close going in to the playoffs. I don't know if the format has been released, but if it's still two games vs each opponent then we should have plenty of opportunities to make up the difference. The four contenders are all going to drop points in there.

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It's the same format. Top 6y teams make the playoffs and play each other twice (home-away). A lot will be decided who will drop points against the 5th, 6th place teams (Aris & Volos?)

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