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Super League 1 (2022-2023)

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Don't forget the leagues take one month off in order for WC to be played in Qatar. I am surprised SL does not start sooner than August 20th.

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I wonder if they're thinking of back-loading the Cup competition into the new year, and having games twice per week in the first half? Though I guess they could keep the Cup as-is and just have two games a week the rest of the time.

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During today's Superleague 1 meeting, the Olympiakos owner Vaggelis Marinakis was voted in as the new Superleague 1 president. The vote was 9 in favor (Olympiakos, Aris, Atromitos, Ionikos, Levadeiakos, PAS Giannina, Tripoli, Panaitolikos, OFI), 5 abstentions (PAOK, PAO, AEK, Lamia, EPO), 1 no show (Volos).

Of interest is the fact that all that 8 of the 9 teams voting for Marinakis received a sponsorship from Marinakis based company Shopflix about two months ago. 

Initially there was only one candidate prior to today. That was Papaioannou from Lamia, but today all of a sudden he withdrew his candidacy and Marinakis right away entered his. Lamia also received a sponsorship from Shopflix, so it was not that hard for them to step down.

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Season starts August 20th. Last match before the WC November 13th.

Restart December 21st (why not granting them Christmas???) till March 12th 2023. 

Play-offs start March 18th. Last MD May 14th. 

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Marinakis also decided not to change the format of the league. That means the stupid playoffs/outs remain and only one team gets relegated directly. I am sure the 34 team of Superleague 2 are happy about that.

Superleague1 draw is set for July 25.

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EPO agreed with Superleague2 and changed the number of team being promoted directly from Superleague 2 to Superleague 1. Marinakis and his 9 friends wanted only 1 team to be relegated and 1 to play a playoff game with second team from Superleague 2.

Superleague 2 also asked for a third team from their league to go into playoffs with the 12th team from Superleague 1, but EPO turned that down.

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And this is our schedule:

1η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Παναιτωλικός
2η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Ατρόμητος
3η αγωνιστική Άρης – ΠΑΟΚ
4η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Λαμία
5η αγωνιστική: ΟΦΗ – ΠΑΟΚ
6η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Παναθηναϊκός
7η αγωνιστική: Λεβαδειακός – ΠΑΟΚ
8η αγωνιστική: Ολυμπιακός – ΠΑΟΚ
9η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Αστέρας Τρίπολης
10η αγωνιστική: ΑΕΚ – ΠΑΟΚ
11η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα
12η αγωνιστική: Ιωνικός – ΠΑΟΚ
13η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Βόλος

2ος γύρος:

14η αγωνιστική: Παναιτωλικός – ΠΑΟΚ
15η αγωνιστική: Ατρόμητος – ΠΑΟΚ
16η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Άρης
17η αγωνιστική: Λαμία – ΠΑΟΚ
18η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – ΟΦΗ
19η αγωνιστική: Παναθηναϊκός – ΠΑΟΚ
20η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Λεβαδειακός
21η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Ολυμπιακός
22η αγωνιστική: Αστέρας Τρίπολης – ΠΑΟΚ
23η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – ΑΕΚ
24η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα – ΠΑΟΚ
25η αγωνιστική: ΠΑΟΚ – Ιωνικός
26η αγωνιστική: Βόλος – ΠΑΟΚ


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Prediction time! I’m going to do them in groups of 2. 

Panaitolikos, Atromitos = 6 points

Aris, Lamia = 3 points

OFI, PAO = 2 points

Leva, Oly = 3 points

Asteras, AEK = 4 points

PAS, Ionikos, Volos = 9 points 

Panaitolikos, Atromitos = 4 points 

Aris, Lamia = 4 points 

OFI, PAO =  4 points 

Leva, Oly = 4 points

Asteras, AEK = 4 points

PAS, Ionikos, Volos = 7 points 


Total points = 54 until playoffs





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No idea on this one.  What I expect is for us to have a poor first half of the season and what I hope is that in the 2nd half of the season (along with solid transfers in the winter break - a man can dream) we kick into gear and be serious title contenders the following season.  My only prediction is we are between -8 and -12 points behind Olympiacos but the winter break.

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You didn't really think the SL will start as scheduled on August 20. Did you?

There are reports that teams are owed money from the betting companies and the teams are considering postponing the start of SL until the issue is resolved.

Also one of the fat pigs from Olympiakos today threatened to delay the start of the SL due to the fact that EPO has not renewed the contract of Clattenberg, the head of the referees committee.

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