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Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2022


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I think it's a bit harsh to judge Tsiggaras based on goals/assists.  That's not and nor should it be the DM's role.  Ideally he would stay and be played and develop.  But if he's not going to be played then this is the best outcome.  Extending his contract by one year also a good move.  Knowing our luck one of Augusto/Kurtic/Schwab will get a long term injury two days after Tsiggaras leaves for Toulouse.

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Lambrou officially signed with Excelsior for 2 years. PAOK will pocket around 450K, which also includes the player's salary. PAOK keeps 5% resale option.

Earlier today there was a rumor that Paphos from Cyprus was close to signing Murg, but apparently the deal fell through.

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Looks like Paolo Fernandes from Volos will be our final transfer for this season. The deal should be sealed soon. Apparently part of the deal is a Koutsias loan to Volos, but he must sign a contract extension with PAOK first.

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Nope he goes to AEK instead. What the heck is going on this transfer window with Olympiakos/Aris/Aek/Pao signing all these players and we get no one...


James Rodrigues -> Oly

Marcelo -> Oly

Fernandes -> AEK

Koutsias -> Volos

Samesseku -> Oly

Bakambu -> Oly

Osario -> PAO (Rumor)

Trouillet -> PAO

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The player did not want to come to PAOK. 

In any case I don't understand why Boto could not find another "10" since the coach was asking for one.

In other news, Koutsias extended his contract with PAOK for 4 more years (250K per season) and was immediately loaned to Volos for one year. Still don't understand why we keep dealing with that crook Beos after all these years.

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Now that the Summer 2022 transfer period is over let’s summarize the results.


Khaled Narey (1994) - offense  ( 1,500,000 purchase) – from Fortuna Dusseldorf
Thomas Brandon (1995) – offense (free transfer) - Malaga
Dominik Kotarski (2000) – goalkeeper ( 2,000,000) – NK Gorica
Giannis Kargas (1994) – central defender  ( 350,000) – PAS Giannina
Andre Ricardo (2000) – midfield (free transfer) - Famaliacao
Rafa Soares (1995) – left back (free transfer) – Vitoria Guimaraes
Ivan Nasberg (1996) – center back (free transfer) – Valerenga
Tiago Dantas (2000) – midfield (loan) – Benfica Lisbon
Niko Quagliata (1999) – midfield ( 1,700,000) - Montevideo Wanderers
Giannis Konstantelias (2003) – midfield (returned from loan) – KAS Eupen
Konstantinos Koulierakis (2004) – central back (promoted from ‘B’ team)
Marios Tsaousis (2000) – left back (promoted from ‘B’ team)


Charis Tsiggaras (2000) – loaned to Toulouse until June 30, 2023
Lucas Taylor (1995) – loaned to Shacktar Donetsk until June 30, 2023
Georgios Koutsias (2004) – loaned to NFC Volos until June 30, 2023
Lazaros Lambrou (1998) – sold to Excelsior
Enea Mihaj (1998) – sold to Famalicao
Antonio Colak (1993) – sold to Glasgow Rangers
Jose Crespo (1987) – contract not renewed
Fernando Varela (1988) – contract not renewed
Alexandros Paschalakis (1991) – contract not renewed
Alexander Mitrita (1995) – loan ended
Ferreira Sidcley (1993) – loan ended
Chuba Akpom (1995) – loan ended


Nika Ninua (1999) - midfield
Tomas Murg (1994) - midfield
Leo Jaba (1998) - offense

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