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PAOK and Shakhtor Donetsk have agreed to Lucas Taylor being loaned out for the next season with buyout option if he plays in 50% of the games.

There is also interest in Tsiggaras by Sampdoria and Bologna. Loan with an option to buy.

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Tsiggaras being loaned seems a bit odd.  You would think with Kurtic, Augusto and Scwab being 99% not with the team next season that Tsiggaras would be part of the rebuild for the future.  Unless of course the team has decided he just isn't good enough.  Still if he's good enough for Serie A you would think he's good enough for PAOK ... or the Bulgarian league ha ha.

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Tsiggaras did very well last year. Unfortunately Charis had problems with his stomach/belly. He just started training again. If he stayes Douglas Augusto has a problem as Charis and Kurtic are like a jigsaw puzzle. They fit and are a good duo.

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Don't let an apparent injury spoil the trolls from bitching about everything being wrong at PAOK.

PAOK has come out and said there is no official offer for Tsiggaras right now.

As for youngsters on the team in the last game there were 3 starting players that came from PAOK academies, and a fourth one was subbed in. 

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Just saw that the transfer window in Greece closes on September 15th. This is for incoming transfers. If clubs want to sell of loan to another country it depends on the deadline of the other countries. The deadlines differ:

Αυστρία 31/8
Δανία 31/8
Ελβετία 31/8
Ινδία 31/8
Κίνα 31/8
Κροατία 31/8
Κύπρος 31/8
Νορβηγία 31/8
Ολλανδία 31/8
Ουγγαρία 31/8
Σλοβενία 31/8
Αγγλία 1/9
Γαλλία 1/9
Γερμανία 1/9
Ιταλία 1/9
Ισπανία 1/9
Κουβέιτ 1/9
Πολωνία 1/9
Πορτογαλία 1/9
Σκωτία 1/9
Μεξικό 5/9
Βέλγιο 6/9
Βουλγαρία 6/9
Σλοβακία 6/9
Τουρκία 8/9
Αυστραλία 13/9
Σερβία 15/9
Κατάρ 15/9
Σαουδική Αραβία 17/9
Ισραήλ 28/9

These deadlines do not apply for free agents. 

Don't know if we need another player though.

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Well Lucescu said after the last game that we need at least a "dekari", but we have been saying this for 2 seasons now.

After his remarks, the sleazy media started pushing Fernandes from Volos. Beos has priced him at 1 mil. Only a fool would pay this kind of money for a player who can sign with any team in December for free.

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Exactly. Fernandes might be good for Volos, but can turn out to be useless at PAOK.

What bothers me is the fact we have a world class TD with history at Benfica, and we might end up getting a player from Beos because some Thessaloniki media company wants it.

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Not confirmed but Lazaros Lamprou with a free transfer to (what else?) the Dutch eredivisie in general and Excelsior in particular.

Also not confirmed: Tsiggaras wanted by French side Toulouse on a one year loan and a buy option (of 2.5 mio).

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It's official. Tsiggaras is being loaned to Toulouse for this season. Toulouse will pay PAOK 300K for the loan. There is a purchase option worth 3 million euro (2.5 mil plus bonuses). The deal also includes a 25% resale option retained by PAOK.

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If we end up getting 3 mil for Tsiggaras a player that has played 55 games for the senior team and has only 1 goal in a cup game and total of 0 assists, than we are really making a killing.

Probably the best think that can happen to him. He will get great experience in a top class league. Good luck to him.

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Is that 3mm net of the 300k? Or could it potentially be 3.3mm with us having a 25% resale? Either way, you're right...a complete steal for us.

Moves like this will also make it more likely we can sign impactful players in positions of need this year, or retain Dantas if he turns out to be indispensable.

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And to answer the Bananas question, I am sure Lucescu and Boto brought the Tsiggaras matter to Ivan and a decision was made to proceed with the loan.

It's a known fact that Tsiggaras was way down on the pecking order in the midfield position, and I am sure Lucescu and Boto had a talk with him. I am sure they explained to him that with Europe games out of the picture his playing time would be limited. Also the prospect of playing in the same league as Messi, Mbabe and Neymar surely made Tsiggaras's decision to move to France that much easier.

This is a win-win situation for PAOK. If Tsiggaras has a good season at Toulouse, they exercise the buyout option and PAOK makes a good return on the player. If they decide not to sign him, he comes back to us with much more experience under his belt.    

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