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ECL-Rof16-L1: KAA Gent - PAOK (17-03-21, 22:00 EET)


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9 minutes ago, Blackhawk said:

Great accomplishment.

Much improved in 2nd half. Turning point for me was the entrance of Sidcley into the game.

Douglas Augusto MVP for me.

Augusto amazing match! Also Paschalakis came up big!

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Augusto had a very good game today. He will be battered from all the fouls he took.

I think it is fair to say that we stole the win. I am not saying we shouldn't have advanced but the Belgians had the clear cut chances. Thankfully Lucuscu woke up, took Biseswar off and brought on Sidcley.

Vieirinha you soldier!

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On 3/18/2022 at 11:39 AM, Blackhawk said:


This man has slowed, ages catches us all. He gives everything that he has, every game. SO WHY THE FARKING HELL WOULD YOU PUT BISESWAR ON HIS WING TO GIVE HIM LESS PROTECTION THAN A KID FROM THE U9s. Jesus christ every time I see them line up on the same side I fear it might be the last time we see Andre play because he is trying to do the work of two players. If you are going to play biseswar wide, put a kid who can still run behind him.

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