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SL1-R11: PAOK - Aris (28-11-21, 19:30 EET)


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They lost 5-0 to PAS at home last week but they nevertheless seem to be unbeatable the past few years when we play them. Whether that is to do with our complex, them getting a bonus for taking points from us or a mixture of both - we are embarrassing right now. Both as a team and as a fan base. Though I should say that the fans embarrassing us are the minority.

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"Organised" fans are living in another decade. They have too much power and they think they are more important than they are. 

As for the on-field, our form has been patchy all season nowhere near enough consistency to compete for the title. The only way this season is salvaged IMO is by getting out of the group in the Conference League and hopefully progressing beyond the round of 32. 

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