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WCQ: Slovenia - Cyprus(14 Nov. 2021, Stadion Stozice, Ljubljana)

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Cyprus close out their Qatar campaign in the Slovenian capital against the only team they beat in this run.

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1 Oblak(GK, Captain)

20 Stojanovic

6 Bijol

3 Balkovec

2 Karnicnik

22 Cerin

14 Kurtic

7 Ilicic

10 Zajc

21 Verbic

13 Celar




12 Belec(GK)

16 Vekic(GK)

4 Kouter

5 Rogelj

8 Lovric

11 Karic

15 Stulac

19 Tijanic

23 Vrhovec


Manager: Matjaz Kek(SVN)

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22 Michael(GK)

3 Antoniadis

19 Laifis

14 Andreou

11 Avraam

20 Kastanos

18 Artymatas(Captain)

5 Demetriou

15 Papoulis

10 Sotiriou

21 Tzionis




1 Toumpas(GK)

12 Demetriou(GK)

2 Karo

6 Psaltis

7 Efraim

8 Spoljaric

9 Kakoullis

13 Mamas

16 Sotiriou

23 Ilia


Manager: Nikos Kostenoglou(GRE)

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A better performance for Cyprus today. I was watching Croatia vs Russia. Russia almost made it and defended well for 80 minutes in that rain soaked pitch. If not for that stupid own goal they would have qualified directly.

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