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2022 WCQ: Greece - Spain (11 Nov. 2021, 21:45 EEST - Olympic Stadium, Athens)

Dutch Eagle

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We need to chase the game, I would be hooking Giannoulis and subbing on Tzolis. Push Tsimikas to left back and go to a 4-3-3 with Mantalos playing as a pure attacking mid, Tzolis/Masouras out wide and Pavlidis down the middle. 

Beyond that Bouchalakis isn't built for a game like this too much pace and pressure from Spain for him to be effective. Alexandropoulos is probably the only option but it's basically impossible that JVS does that.

Demoralizing that penalty, really Spain created 1.5 good chances and neither was the penalty. 

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Greece should be up 1-0 and not down 1-0. Masouras goal should have stand, it was a tight one, but I firmly believe he is onside, otherwise blow the whistle dead if the refs suspect he was offside. What a BS penalty that was! The Spanish player went down like as if he was shot! Giannoulis was trying to clear the ball and it barely gazed the player. 

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4 minutes ago, nick said:

How can anyone with functioning eye balls watch that half and this pavlidis is NT quality. That guy wouldn’t start for any of the big 4 Greek clubs. He’s slow, can’t hold up the ball and misses sitters

Is there a better Greek striker anywhere? We haven't had a real one since Gkekas. Maybe Mitroglou

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Miracles don't happen every day. We are playing quite a superior team. I would not go in all attack mode. We can only play them like we did the first half relying on counters to catch them off guard. If we open up it will be a disaster. 

All we can hope for is a lucky bounce early to put us back in the game, and hope for the best. However the most likely outcome is that Spain will win quite easily.

Masouras was clearly offside on the play and the goal correctly did not count. The penalty call is questionable, but they should have known that this ref is known as "penaltakias" which was proven in a couple Superleague games in the past.

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