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PAOK 'B' - Superleague 2 Games (2021-2022)


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2021 - 2022 Season:   Round 8   (29.12.2021, 15:00 EET - Makedonikos Stadium, Efkarpia)

PAOK Thessaloniki 'B' - AO Kavala

TV:  no coverage



Kavala squad consists of amateurs soccer players and athletes of other sports, so expect a big win and the possible Koutsias hatttrick that was predicted by pash.  


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2021 - 2022 Season:   Round 11   (05.01.2022, 15:00 EET - Dimotiko Stadio Aridaias, Pella)

Almopos Ariadaias - PAOK Thessaloniki 'B'

TV:  no coverage



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