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ECL-QR3-L1: Bohemians Dublin - PAOK (03-08-21, 21:45 EEST)

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Bohemians.jpg.aba97a272935a6f5200405e75abbac33.jpg       VS  PAOK.jpg.ca07001feadb6df87300740aa75bc8c1.jpg

MATCHUP:             FC Bohemians Dublin – PAOK Thessaloniki FC
COMPETITION:    Europa Conference League – Qualifying Round 3 - Leg 1
DATE:                    03-August-2021
TIME:                    21:45 EEST (18:45 UTC, 13:45 CDT, 04:45 AEST next day)
CITY/STADIUM:   Dublin – Aviva Stadium (51,700)
REFEREES:              Anti Munuka – Jan-Peter Aravirta, Jukka Houkanen (Finland)
TELEVISION:        OPEN Beyond (Greece), LOITV (https://www.loitv.ie/en-int/playerpage/814443) (worldwide)

PAOK’s History against teams from Ireland in European Competitions

2011-2012:  Shamrock Rovers FC – PAOK FC  1:3 – (7. Salpiggidis, 35. Fotakis, 38. Salpiggidis) - Att: 6,124 – Europa league (Group Stage, Round 4)
2011-2012:  PAOK FC – Shamrock Rovers FC  2:1 – (12. Lazar, 63. Vieirinha) – Att: 28,703 – Europa league (Group Stage, Round 3)

GAMES:  2   WINS:  2   TIES:  0   LOSSES:  0

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Agree. And they play in a summer League. So they are in the middel of the season (21 of 36 games played) and we are playing our first competitive game on Tuesday.

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Travelling to Dublin, where it is about 25 degrees Celsius cooler than in Thessaloniki, are:

Πασχαλάκη , Ζίβκοβιτς , Ταλιχμανίδη , Βαρέλα , Μιχαηλίδη , Μιχάι , Λύρατζη , Ροντρίγκο , Τέιλορ , Βιεϊρίνια , Περέιρα , Εσίτι , Σβαμπ , Κούρτιτς , Τσιγγάρα , Καγκάβα , Μπίσεσβαρ , Ελ Καντουρί , Τζόλη , Μουργκ , Α.Ζίβκοβιτς , Σφιντέρσκι , Ολιβέιρα , Κούτσια .

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I guess we will be wearing our white jersey in tomorrow's game. The one that was not officially announced by PAE PAOK as one of our game jerseys. Macron claims these jerseys are made completely from recycled polyester.  

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

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I am not surprised. We don't really have anybody better for that position.

OPEN TV went down about half an hour ago due to all the fires in the area, but thankfully came back on. Hopefully there won't be any interruptions during the game.

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