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PAOK Athletes in the Tokyo Olympics

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PAOK as a sport club will be represented by 3 athletes in the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

They are:

Odysseas Melanidis  (Swimming - 4x100 meter Relay)
Alexis Danatsidis  (Judo - 81 kg)
Elizabeth Teltsidou (Judo - 70 kg)

Besides those three there are at least two Greek athletes that are competing in the Olympics that belong to other clubs that I know are self-proclaimed PAOK supporters:

Anna Korakaki (Shooting - 10m pistol, 25 m pistol)
Kostas Douvalidis  (Track & Field - 110 m Hurdles)

Another athlete that used to compete for PAOK, but is now part of another club is the swimmer Anna Doudounaki. 

Good luck to those and all the Greek athletes at the Tokyo Olympics.




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All three PAOK athletes completed their participation in the Olympic. The most successful of the three was Elisabeth Teltsidou. She finished in 7th place in the 70 kg Judo competition 2 two wins and two losses.

The other Judo athlete Alxios Danatsidis was eliminated in the first round.

Odysseas Melanidis took part in the 4x100 meter Freestyle in the qualifying round. The Greek team failed to qualify.

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