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SL1-PO-R8: PAOK - Aris (09-05-21, 15:00 EEST)


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6 minutes ago, teke817 said:

not everyone is good at PKs that's why you have competitions in practice to sort it out

We literally had a rotation like a year ago and it seemed to work fine!

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7 minutes ago, teke817 said:

i'm impressed by Krmentsik effort but more impressed that he actually outpaced Sasa ... surprising quickness out of the lumbering big man

He is WEIRDLY agile and quick, I love it. Addresses the biggest weakness of Prijovic, though at the cost of some finishing ability. I'd take it!

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Correct, AEK is now 9 points behind us so the best they can do is tie us on points (and I believe our head to head and GD are both better). So what do we spend that million euros on??

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