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Friendly: Greece - Honduras (28 Mar. 2021 - Toumba, Thessaloniki)

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Just now, Brklyngrk said:

On a good note, Greece has dominated

Den mas aresi auto. Theloume tous alous na echoun katochi ballas. Kai emeis stin antipithesi.

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Siopis was really hustling and good on the ball and made good tackles

Tzolis is going to be a star. 

Svarnas should never play again....

Liminos on for Fortounis
Douvikas on for Tzolis
Masouras on for Giakoumakis

Probably means those 3 will start against Georgia, I'd think Giakoumakis and Fortounis are locks at least.

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Just now, J1078 said:

I’m not liking this Svaranas experiment. Giakoumakis, Fortounis Tzolis should all start against Georgia 

Svarnas and mavropanos are horrible. 

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