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2022 WCQ: Spain - Greece (25 Mar. 2021 - Nuevo Estadio de Los Cármenes, Granada)

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Zeca our best player tonight. Really lucky to get the point though in a game where we did not create anything. Take this as a gift for the country's anniversary. 

Clown post. Be happy tonifht drink some Ouzo

I've been waiting for so long man I've been itching to see them play again, Can't wait. 

Tzolis with a nice run, shot blocked in front

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Goal kick! The Spanish keeper Simon has to do something!

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3 minutes ago, J1078 said:

Take Bakasetas off please he’s horrible with the ball at his feet.

Bakasetas playing instead of Giakoumakis and Mantalos instead of Fortounis is a joke! 

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Bakasetas takes it and HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-1!

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1 hour ago, Boxou said:

This team isn't able to score a goal even if they play all night. I'm going to have a bet on no goal for Greece at 1,55.

Hope you bet your house on this

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