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SL1-R18: PAOK - AEK (24-JAN-01, 19:30 EET)


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1 minute ago, Dutch Eagle said:

Yellow card Vieirinha cancelled after the VAR saw livaja controlled the ball with the hand. In my opinion should have been red without hands of livaja

He can’t give the red as had the hand ball initially been given there would never had been a foul.

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AEK really isn't a good side but we aren't exactly brilliant either. A draw is probably a fair result but VAR was a mess. How can they pick up a handball in the middle of pitch but not see a penalty on Warda?

Our defence is a mess. I went on for an entire week about Pereira but he got absolutely skinned by Garcia today. I have said it before and I'll say it again Swiderski and Murg are lost causes.

It is unacceptable that we aren't able to capitalise on the left wing against Bakakis. The fact that he is playing should be a gift in any winger's eyes. 

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