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How do you like VAR so far?  

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  1. 1. How do you like VAR so far?

    • It's been great!
    • It's been good overall but not without some issues.
    • I hate it!
    • I like it but it needs to be better.

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I thought that it would kill the flow of the game, but at least it would make the game more fair. But so far it has been mostly trash and filth, not worth it at all. The most vexing thing is I don't understand when it is decided to be applied, why does the ref sometimes look at the clip other times he doesn't, it just all seems very unclear and inconsistent.

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VAR was intended to be a support for the ref to help him with moments that a person can miss during the game. Like the handball of Thierry Henry for France against the Republic of Ireland. Or clear offside or onside like our awaygame with PSV as the goal should have been counted (that one between our goals).

But now they are looking with computers that have lines from everywhere and take minutes to see whether it is 0.004 cm offside. I hate that. They should give advantage to the forward if it is so difficult to see of it is offside.

I would like it to be like the system of “goal or no goal” Below you see 4 balls. First three are no goal. Even the third ball is no goal. Why should a toenail further be offside? Especially when you can’t see it without consulting all technology for minutes.


Another big issue is the difference of refs and VAR’s. One thinks it is a penalty or red card while another ref or VAR think it is not or just yellow. And that with using the same VAR-system. That is confusing. For players and fans.

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