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11 hours ago, Boxou said:

sure. let's bring pavlidis as a replacement who's been playing in a relegation side in netherlands or koulouris who's been kicked out of toulouse.

Oh boy, you’re back on you’re tom-fullery . Good things never last forever I guess.... 

When did I ever mention those names?? All I said in my post was that Giakoumakis is most likely slated to be the starter. I hate Koulouris , idc what happens to him, I don’t want him anywhere near the NT. 

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He’s back to childish name calling! Death, taxes, and foolish posts like these!

Giakoumakis is a shoe in for the NT he is lighting it up in Holland. Lets hope JVS comes to senses and brings in Manolas!

Maybe he is Portugese? and still bothered that Hellas took the EURO 2004 TROPHY!!!

Koulouris, Kourbelis, Stafylidis and Bakakis shouldn’t be called up in my opinion. Douvikas who is having an excellent season should be in the team instead of Koulouris. It doesn’t matter that he plays for Volos, he’s shown way more this season.

Regarding Giakoumakis, he’s our most inform striker at the moment. Pavlidis who I like shouldn’t start over him. I also hope we see Tzolis on the left wing instead of Mantalos. Give Tzolis 2 full 90 minute games to see what he’s got. 

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Tzolis has been struggling lately, not sure if opponents are starting to figure him out, if he’s just in a little funk which happens, or if he’s already thinking of a big move. 

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