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Giorgos Giakoumakis - Atlanta United

Dutch Eagle

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Crazy good form, bravo sto paidi! 

@Dutch Eagle is there any talk in Holland of any bigger teams coming for him? I see Venlo is quite low on the table so it's understandable if bigger clubs want to see him do it across a whole season at least. 

Either way he's flying and he's giving himself a good chance of leading the line when World Cup qualifying kicks off in March. 

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It's quiet. VVV doesn't want to sell him. They say. Giakoumakis doesn't want to leave. He says.

If there is a club that buys him for say 2 mil, VVV will do that. They bought him for only 200K. He was not a scorer before. Might be a one season wonder. And to be honest, the Dutch League is like being in a candyshop. We had topscorers overhere that were sold and scored just a few goals else and we never heard of them again.

But good for him. He has his moment of fame. Must enjoy it.

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