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To the mods of the forum - you are being very selective on which posts are approved and which are deleted etc. Could there please be a review of this? It seems some people's free speech is more important than others.

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We urge all members using the Phantis Forums to familiarize themselves with the General Rules and Guidelines that are posted throughout these forums. They are located on the upper section of each forum category.

Failure to abide by these rules and guidelines will inevitably result in posts and threads being deleted and members jeopardizing their privilege to participate conversations and the forums in general.

If, for any reason, one does not agree with the General Rules and Guidelines set forth by the Phantis Forums, then one is under no obligation to continue participation in these forums.

If you want to find out more about who we are at the Phantis Forum, please read the announcements that are posted in prominent areas.

If one would like to contribute to a topic conversation, please focus on the quality of your posted messages and make sure they contribute to the advancement of a discussion.

This topic is locked because rules of conduct and the moderating of these forums are an internal matter for the Phantis Forum leadership and not negotiable subjects.

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