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CL-PO-L2: PAOK - Krasnodar (30-Sep-20, 22:00 EEST)


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Matos' skillset was missed in this match.  If we had him instead of Crespo in that position... The first half would have been much different.  

Dumping Akpom for chump change before the biggest matches of the year also didn't help.

You can't expect miracles out of a CF that's been on the team for 8 days.

It's clear that, at this level, the teams you face will make you pay for your mistakes.  All 4 goals we copped vs Krasnodar were directly related to our own bad play.  Krasnodar showed up to Greece looking like a lame duck, and we couldn't seal the deal.

I'm not usually one to hop the "Sack the Coach" train but Abel has made it clear that he's not fit to lead this team to anything.

All around disappointing.  


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