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SL1-R3: Volos NFC - PAOK (26-Sep-20, 18:30 EEST)


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i know we had a very different lineup today but we can't afford to be dropping anymore points once qualifiers are out of the way, this is always the time when the Gavroi capitalise and slowly increase their lead. hopefully we have enough depth in the squad to get us through when we have a mid week UEFA game.

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Meh at best. None of the new guys looked that great, though Colak looked better once he started getting real service. Some near-misses but overall the game was ugly.

No way Wague plays vs Krasnodar IMO

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He looked slow, soft & scared in training vid. Hence my question.

The barca jersey made him look like a beast. 

We are 4 points behind after 3 rounds! 

This is a shocking start to the GSL season. 

If we do not beat Krasnodar & progress do you fire Perriera? I would....

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We have been in this position before......he what i call a kolofardo that we had 1 match against Benfica. 

Is it ok how he has treated Veirinhia? Do we let anyone come in and destroy the reputaitons of players who made us lift a double for the first time in 30 years? 

Is it fair that Branco copped the blame for last years poor performances? 

Does a coach who cannot change his formation from a  European Game to a game against Volos have merit to be a PAOK coach? 

I think Europe & the league are both goals for the season! Saying we hit our goal for the season is not completly true. 

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He forced him off the team. Him and the Brazilians. I'm sure they were criticizing him in their language and he heard them. The problem is that guy is learning how to be a real coach. But PAOK is not the place to train wannabe managers. Anyway, the guy is a joke and the win against Benfica hasn't changed my opinion. As a matter of fact we've proven that in these Champions League qualification games we do very well (no matter the coach) but not good enough every single time. Only difference, this was a single game and we managed to eliminate them.

Savvidis should have done his homework since Abel's first few games last season and have already potential coaches ready to go. Bringing Ninua is not his job. In fact he should be looking for THE ONE, that's going to be "our" Ferguson. Unless this guy is Pablo Garcia and they already know it. In which case I shut up and I would say fire Abel after Wednesday's game no matter if we make it to CL or not.

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Unfortunately we’re stuck with Ferreira. The cost of replacing him is prohibitive.  But more than that, who do you replace him with ?  As we’ve seen during this Savvidis era, it’s not easy to hire a good manager.

I hope whoever our next future coach is it’s someone with some common sense.  Hopefully a German.

Ferreira, I don’t get him.  Maybe he’s some super manager that’s way beyond my understanding.  I get that he wanted to rest players before the Krasnodar game but at least give yourself a fighting chance to win this game.  Right now, I predict we’ll be 10 points behind Olympiacos by the half way mark of the season.  The GSL is not the CL or EL where teams actually try to play football.  It’s closed defences that you need to crack open.  Good luck doing that with 3 at the back and 2 on the flanks.  Having said that I think the 3-4-3 has merit in European games.

Overall I remain unimpressed with him.  Hopefully I’ll eat my words.

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