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I did - actually kind of did two.  Since I have a twin, my brother did Ancestry and I decided to do 23andme to compare.  The results were actually comparable to one another. Initially, I was 43% Southern  Italian and 34% Greek/Balkan, the rest was generally southern European.  Now the Greek/Italian aspect switched but the rest stayed the same. When you click on Greek & Balkan, it shows you it is Greece, at least for me, specifically Peloponneso. 

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Out of curiosity, did it have the breakdown within Greece before? A Turkish friend of mine bought his dad an Ancestry.com kit a year ago and actually told me a few months ago that over the preceding 18 months or so, they've gone from just calling some percentage of him generically "southern italian/greek" to specifying balkans (but as far as I know no deeper). And the rest Turkish of course. Thought it was interesting that you show they had some confidence on the specific part of a specific country.

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