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Cup-SF-L2: Olympiakos - PAOK (24-Jun-20, 21:30 EEST)

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MATCHUP:             Olympiakos Piraeus - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki
COMPETITION:     Greek Cup – Semifinal – Leg 2
DATE:                      24-June-2020
TIME:                       21:30 EEST (18:30 UTC, 13:30 CDT, 04:30 AEST next day)
CITY/STADIUM:    Piraeus - G. Karaiskakis Stadium (Capacity: 32,115)
REFEREES:             Bjorn Kuipers – Sander Van Roekel, Erwin Zeinstra (Holland)
TELEVISION:         COSMOTE Sport 1 (Greece), Cytavision Sport 2 (Cyprus), Antenna Satellite/Pacific (USA, Canada/Australia)

PAOK – Olympiakos Greek Cup history:    

2019-2020:  QUARTERFINAL-L2:   PAOK – Olympiakos  3:2 (Pelkas 2, Misic) - Attendance: 

2013-2014:  SEMIFINAL-L2:           PAOK – Olympiakos  1:0 (Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 17,789
(The “gavroi on the bench” game, with a 5 kilos of gavroi being placed on Olympaikos bench prior to the game by a fan, resulting in delay of game, and severe punishment by EPO)
2013-2014:  SEMIFINAL-L1:          Olympiakos - PAOK   2:1 (Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 32,000

2010-2011:  QUARTERFINAL-L2:  PAOK – Olympiakos  1:0 (Salpiggidis) - Attendance: no fans
(the famous game played behind closed doors with Marinakis throwing whiskey bottles at people from the VIP suite and the police helicopters hovering over Toumba and Thessaloniki)
2010-2011:  QUARTERFINAL-L1:  Olympiakos - PAOK   1:1 (Vieirinha) - Attendance: 28,404

2008-2009:  QUARTERFINAL-L2:  Olympiakos - PAOK  2:0 (aet) - Attendance: 23,983
2008-2009:  QUARTER
FINAL–L1:  PAOK – Olympiakos  1:0 (Concensao) - Attendance: 21,043

2002-2003:  QUARTERFINAL-L2:   Olympiakos - PAOK  1:2 (Georgiadis, Okkas) - Attendance: 11,466  (Rizoupolis Stadium, Athens)
2002-2003:  QUARTER
FINAL–L1:  PAOK – Olympiakos  3:1 (Georgiadis, Markos, Okkas) - Attendance: 17,647

2000-2001:  FINAL:                            Olympiakos - PAOK  2:4 (Egkomitis, Borbokis, Georgiadis, Nalitzis) - Attendance: 13,300  (Nea Filadelfia, Athens) – CUP WINNER

1999-2000:  Round of 16:               Olympiakos - PAOK  2:1 (Frousos) - Attendance: 17,317  (Single leg tie) (OAKA Stadium, Athens)

1996-1997:  Round of 16-L2:         Olympiakos - PAOK  2:1 (Tasiopoulos) - Attendance: 4,503
1996-1997:  Round of 16-
L1:         PAOK – Olympiakos  1:2 (Zouboulis) - Attendance: 20,498

1991-1992:  FINAL-L2:                    Olympiakos - PAOK  2:0 - Attendance: 29381
FINAL–L1:                   PAOK – Olympiakos  1:1 (Skartados) - Attendance: 25,744

1990-1991:  Round of 32-L2:         PAOK – Olympiakos  3:0 (Karageorgiou, Borbokis, H. Hassan) - Attendance: 33,411
Round of 32-L1:         Olympiakos - PAOK   2:0 - Attendance: 17,789

1989-1990:  Round of 16-L2:         Olympiakos - PAOK  1:0 (5:3 pen) - Attendance: 22,090
Round of 16–L1:        PAOK – Olympiakos  1:0 (Lagonidis) - Attendance: 27,217

1985-1986:  Round 2:                      Olympiakos - PAOK  0:0 (4:3 pen) - Attendance: 25,955  (Single leg tie) (OAKA Stadium, Athens)

1980-1981:  FINAL:                          Olympiakos - PAOK  3:1 (Damanakis) - Attendance: 30,512  (Nea Filadelfia, Athens)

1979-1980:  Round of 32:               Olympiakos - PAOK  1:2 (Orfanos, Vasilakos) - Attendance: 38,150  (Single leg tie)

1978-1979:  Round of 16:               Olympiakos - PAOK  2:2 (6:5 pen) (Guerino, Kermanidis) - Attendance: 38,846  (Single leg tie)

1975-1976:  SEMIFINAL:                 Olympiakos - PAOK  1:1 (6:5 pen) (Guerino) - Attendance: 38,846  (Single leg tie)

1974-1975:  SEMIFINAL:                 Olympiakos - PAOK  4:0 - Attendance: ?  (Single leg tie)

1973-1974:  FINAL:                          Olympiakos - PAOK  2:2 (3:4 pen) (Paridis, Aslanidis) - Attendance: 26,402  (Nea Filadelfia, Athens) – CUP WINNER

1972-1973:  FINAL:                          Olympiakos - PAOK  1:0 - Attendance: 40,070  (Karaiskaki Stadium, Piraeus)

1970-1971:  FINAL:                          Olympiakos - PAOK  3:1 (Sarafis) - Attendance: 38,000  (Karaiskaki Stadium, Piraeus)

1950-1951:  FINAL:                          Olympiakos - PAOK  4:0 - Attendance: ?  (Leoforos Alexandras, Athens)

GAMES:  29   WINS:  10   TIES:  6      LOSSES:   13

All home games played at Toumba Stadium. All away games played at Karaiskaki Stadium unless otherwise noted. PAOK never played a single leg tie at home against Olympiakos. All Finals against Olympiakos were played either in Athens or Piraeus.

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Dutch officiating crew for this game. Useless Greek refs in the VAR room.

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Pelkas and Vierinha again didn't train today, tomorrow will be make or break to see whether they make the trip to Athens. 

Something I think that Ferreira absolutely needs to do is play 3 in the midfield, no dekari. Olympiakos has the best midfield in the league, Guilherme and Camara especially are very good players and can control the tempo. We need to at least even up the numbers in the middle, given our injuries those 3 basically pick themselves. If fit I'd be playing Pelkas on the wing but not as a 10 unless we need a goal. 

You feel we'll need to score at least one, can't see us keeping a clean sheet they are a good in attack and El Arabi is a capable scorer and they are extremely dangerous from set pieces, they'll find a goal from somewhere. 
Type of game I wish Jaba was fit, he'd fit perfectly playing on the counter. With all that in mind I'd go with

-------Mauricio----Esiti-----El Kaddouri
Limnios-----Akpom----Pelkas/Vierinha (if fit, otherwise pick one from Biesewar/Lamprou)

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Esiti a must-start in that midfield for me. Keep him in front of the CBs and let him do what he does best

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@paokarag4 fully agree with you about 3 in the midfield.  Guilherme is hands down the best midfielder in Greece, class player.  Exactly the sort of player we need.  I don't see any way playing 2 in the middle we can contain them.  It reminds me when Ivic was manager and we played AEK a few years back in Athens and got walloped 3-0 by them in the league (or play offs), and due to this, Ivic played 3 in the middle in the cup final (Canas, Cimirot, Shakhov).  We'll find out if Abel is an idealist or not.  Our problem is, who be our "Guilherme".  Last season you could say Mauricio was that player, but he's been flat and out of sorts post injury.

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It will be difficult to keep a clean sheet, which means we need to score. The question is who will score for us. We hardly created any scoring chances in our two league games against them. Sadly, I think our cup winning streak will end tomorrow.

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Pelkas and Vieirinha are in the squad but it remains to be seen if they are game ready. Therefore the next 22 players will  are the trip fir the second leg:

Πασχαλάκης, Ζίβκοβιτς, Μάτος, Ροντρίγκο, Βαρέλα, Ίνγκασον, Μιχάι, Μιχαηλίδης, Γιαννούλης, Βιεϊρίνια, Εσίτι, Μαουρίσιο, Ελ Καντουρί, Τσιγγάρας, Πέλκας , Μπίσεσβαρ, Λάμπρου, Λημνιός, Στοχ, Σφιντέρσκι, Άκπομ , Τζόλης .

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All the streams I've found so far are for the Aris-AEK game. Perhaps they'll switch over

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Commentator was very excited by Limnios being nowhere near on target a minute ago

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Not a bad first half. Hopefully we can continue on the same pace but I doubt it. Ferreira should refresh the team early. Limnios has been very poor the last few games. He needs to be subbed.

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The main thing was to keep a clean sheet. We forgot how to score goals.

End of an era. The team needs a rebuild.

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We played well, amazing what evening up the numbers in midfield does forced their to hand to sub in Fortounis in the 1st half. We were unlucky, Paschalakis had one big save to make and he did. The whole game hung on the Varela chance, great ball in by Stoch, Varela really should've really scored from there. Then they go down the other end and El Arabi has a fresh airy from 6 yards! Crazy stuff, if nothing else it was entertaining and it shows that honestly without fans in Greece you probably get a better quality football match. 

Tzolis I thought started nervous and turned over some balls cheaply but he grew into the game and troubled Tsimikas one of the best fullbacks in the league bravo sto paidi. 

Anyway onwards and upwards time focus on the league and getting 2nd spot, Aris away is always tough but I'm guessing they are going to be mentally and emotionally fatigued  after what they endured earlier today. 

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AEK had three reds which I think they can serve in the league, so over the next few games there's a slightly better chance they'd slip up too. A win by us and a loss by them will be huge.

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Mr Ferreira needs to go,

Paok can play, that's evident by the spells we have, yet be seems to gimp the team with his weird tactics and ideas.

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