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SL1-R26: AO Xanthi - PAOK (01-Mar-20, 19:00 EET)

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XanthiFC.jpg.931d949f7810717692b0a02a183fad95.jpg  VSPAOK.jpg.ca07001feadb6df87300740aa75bc8c1.jpg

MATCHUP:             AO Xanthi - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki
COMPETITION:     Superleague – Round 26
DATE:                      01-March-2020
TIME:                      19:00 EEST  (16:00 GMT, 11:00 CST, 04:00 AEDT next day)
CITY/STADIUM:    Xanthi – Xanthi Arena (Capacity: 7,244)
TELEVISION:          ERT Sport HD (Greece), ERT World, ERT Sport HD Web Stream (worldwide)

AO Xanthi – PAOK FC History:


2018-2019:  1:2 (Oliveira, Henrique) - Attendance: 6,558
2017-2018:  0:3 (own goal, Mak, Crespo) - Attendance: 2,876
2016-2017:  0:0 - Attendance: 1,959
2015-2016:  1:1 (Mystakidis) - Attendance: 1,952
2014-2015:  4:2 (Athanasiadis, Mak) - Attendance: 4,068
2013-2014:  1:2 (Katsouranis, Lino) - Attendance: 2,525
2012-2013:  0:3 (Athanasiadis (p), Robert, Lazar) - Attendance: 2,330
2011-2012:  0:0 - Attendance: 1,849
2010-2011:  1:0 - Attendance: 3,322
2009-2010:  0:3 (Vieirinha 2, Ivic) - Attendance: 1,457
2008-2009:  1:2 (Ivic 2) - Attendance: 2,546
2007-2008:  1:0 - Attendance: 2,139
2006-2007:  1:0 - Attendance: 3,860
2005-2006:  1:0 - Attendance: 6,410

Alpha Ethniki (Professional)

2004-2005:  0:2 (Maladenis, Salpiggidis) - Attendance: 3,335
2003-2004:  0:0 - Attendance: 7,052
2002-2003:  1:1 (Georgiadis) - Attendance: 7,421
2001-2002:  1:0 - Attendance: 2,795
2000-2001:  0:2 (Okkas, Frousos) - Attendance: 3,666
1999-2000:  1:2 (Nalitzis, Georgiadis) - Attendance: ?
1998-1999:  0:1 (Vryzas) - Attendance: (2,500 PAOK fans)
1997-1998:  2:2 (Kovac, Frantzeskos) - Attendance: ?
1996-1997:  1:1 (Frantzeskos) - Attendance: 3,475
1995-1996:  2:2 (Giokoudis, Lagonidis) - Attendance: 4,000
1994-1995:  3:0 - Attendance: 7,189
1993-1994:  5:2 (Luhovy, Havos) - Attendance: 2,607
1992-1993:  2:3 (Toursounidis 2, Alexiou) - Attendance: 4,225
1991-1992:  2:1 (Skartados) - Attendance: 3,131
1990-1991:  1:2 (Magdi, Anastasiadis) - Attendance: ?
1989-1990:  0:2 (Magdi, Borbokis)  - Attendance: 10,793

GAMES:  30    WINS:  13    TIES:  8    LOSSES:  9

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We play the game against our B-squad with these players:

Πασχαλάκης, Ζίβκοβιτς, Μάτος, Ροντρίγκο, Βαρέλα, Ίνγκασον, Γιαννούλης, Βιεϊρίνια, Εσίτι, Ντούγκλας, Μαουρίσιο, Μίσιτς, Ελ Καντουρί, Μπίσεσβαρ, Λάμπρου, Λημνιός, Σφιντέρσκι, Άκπομ.

Pelkas has some problems with his stomach and is left out of the squad.

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Very different lineup. Happy Lamprou is starting but wtf is going on with RB



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Is he playng Lambrou as "dekari"?

As for RB, I am afraid as long as Matos does not sign a contract extension he will not see much action.


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And here I was sitting on their other stream wondering when Morgan Freeman would stop talking

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Horrific defensive display too. When I’m danger we are just kicking it out for a throw in, not even trying to hit it off them or up the field. We are rushing everything too, Lamprou has about 5 turnovers. Vierinha has already whiffed and missed the ball twice. Paschalakis looks stupid with his dumb hair.

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Xanthi is just better after we scored showing that they want it more.

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Just now, Blackhawk said:

Xanthi is just better after we scored showing that they want it more.

What’s new. I feel like every game lately , our opponent plays harder, tougher, quicker.

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Of course Varela gets hurt on a day where we inexplicably don't bring a third CB

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This coach is clueless about the game as it is played on Greece.

We are in danger of losing the second place as well. My prediction is that we will.

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How stupid can the technical staff be? We had two players on the verge of getting game bans if they got yellow cards (Augusto, Ingason). Well guess what? They both got yellows and in the play-offs Ingason will miss one game and Augusto 2 games. The worst thing is that the cards accumulated in the regular season get erased going into the playoffs.

We will have serious issues on defense in the first playoff game. No Ingason or Crespo and possibly even Varela. And our two other CBs (Mihaj, Michailidis) have not played a single game yet.

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