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Tottenham Hotspur-Olympiakos(26 November 2019, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London)


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0-2 at the half and I feel this game was ours in the bank, that brain fart by our defence in stoppage time really brought Tottenham back from the grave I swear they were deader than Jimmy Hoffa. What a tragic blunder the team was so good tonight.


40 minutes ago, Molon Lave said:

Vassiliki  puts it at best, Olympiakos plays sloppy, mistake prone football. They blow leads more than any other clubs in Europe. 

Youre just in your feelings, mistakes happen in every match in every league. In the Champions League when you are playing the worlds best, these mistakes do not go unpaid for as often as they would anywhere else, that is the main difference. The team does not play mistake prone football, that is something you have created in your mind, what exactly is it to play mistake prone football, if you would like to break it down for us I am all ears.

We were playing better than great until then, and even after we did not play bad. On this level we need to play concentrated 90+ mins all 11 guys and no mistakes and have a bit of luck. That's the truth. The table does not reflect our quality. The team is a lot better than our point total. Don't be such a flip flopper its a bad look, leave that for the papoudes at the kafenio. If you saw the game tell me honestly, until 45+ did you feel at any point that Spurs had any hope of scoring a goal? They were cooked.

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What a tragedy, I was watching us playing Spurs in London, with the crowd chanting so loud you would think we were in Karaiskaki, and we looked great, it was such a kavla, and to then throw it away.....I feel like PAOK is going to "pay the bride" lol OLYMPIAKOS!

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Meriah is a complete liability at international level.  He reminds me of Anatolakis.  Good for Greece and not good enough in europe, except he is worse defensively and better offensively.  He has single handedly cost us 6 points this campaign (red star and Tottenham, and being generous with 6).

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