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AEK Larnaca-Gent (8 Aug. 2019, Giorgos Karapatakis AEK Arena, Larnaca)


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25 Ramirez(GK)

4 Truyols

5 Mojsov

8 Acoran

10 Trickovski(Captain)

11 Tete

13 Hevel

18 Gonzalez

22 Sastre

41 Cases

99 Giannou




1 Christodoulou(GK)

2 Thandi

3 Antoniadis

7 Spoljaric

12 Assoubre

23 Taulemesse

27 Raul


Manager: Imanol Idiakez(ESP)

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1 Kaminski(GK)

5 Ngadeu-Ngadjui

6 Owusu

7 Yaremchuk

8 Odjidja(Captain)

16 David

19 Dejaegere

21 Asare

23 Lustig

31 Kubo

32 Plastun




26 Coosemans(GK)

9 Bezus

14 Castro-Montes

15 Mohammadi

29 Depoitre

33 Verstraete

76 Derjick


Manager: Jess Thorup(DEN)

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Considering the opponent a good result but not enough to get in the play-off of EL. Too bad BAS (the Belgian CAS) decided that KV Mechelen (or Malin as it is better known in Greece and probably Cyprus too) could stay in the first tier but was not allowed to play European football, as a punishment for matchfixing. Gent, the highest ranked club that did not qualify for Europe, and with a coefficient of 29.500 a big shot in EL, got the berth instead.

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