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Euro 2020 Group J - Greece vs Armenia (11 June 2019, Olympic Stadium, Athens)

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My wife is Portuguese. My father in law explained to me what happened to portugal.  They never qualified. In World Cup 66 they finally made it and finished 3rd. Then they never qualified till Eur

This might be my interpretation but I’m reading between the lines here. Something is very wrong internally and you can see it manifest in the game itself.  Socrates is actually being very brave, he se

Should aim for min 3-0 to make up for the a Saturday disaster 

If were going to play random people in random positions then I would rather see Ninis and Fetfatzidis just for nostalgia factor of what could have been if EPO and poor management hadn't stunted their careers. 

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Bottom line we are just garbage. Armenia are our playing us and controlling the game and we expect to qualify.. the s%$#! show continues with this team..

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16 minutes ago, LaputanMachine said:

PELKAS is the only one who shows some kind of passion out there today.

Best player by far.

Really??? He’s been invincible 

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This line was not great but should have been good enough to beat Armenia this should prove to all of us that we are a garbage team no matter who coaches us that’s the bottom line.. We don’t deserve to be in the Euros or any tournament in that matter.. It will take years to fix this team..

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