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USA 2020 Elections: The Democrats

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13 hours ago, tantra129 said:

for every LP's there are a thousand Q's.


On the actual topic we are discussing, Biden said after his speech in Wilmington on Tuesday that he will choose his vice presidential running mate next week. Who would be a good running mate for Biden? My choice would be Susan Rice followed by Val Demings. I think Susan Rice is the most qualified but might the most polarizing figure. I would like Val Demings as a choice. Politico has a list featuring possible candidates.

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Former President Barack Obama delivered a rousing eulogy celebrating Lewis' life. "He, as much as anyone in our history, brought this country a little bit closer to our highest ideals," Mr. Obama said.

Consider it a lesson in leadership and human values. Topic is locked to keep out trolling (we'll deal with all the exotic trolls in these forums in the coming days).



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Good to see that Biden is standing up to Trump's fear mongering strategy and pushing for violence. Good speech by Biden. He made his points and slammed Trump for his 'all I care is about me' approach to governing.


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Dang! I missed the 5th anniversary of Obama's tan suit scandal. Remember when Fox News and Republicans thought it was "shocking" and that Obama lacked seriousness?  Those were the good ol' days.

So, Biden has mental decline? Sleepy? He's got lots more mental acuity than Trump, who tweeted that it was fake news (nobody had reported it) that he checked into hospital for mini strokes.  Then yesterday, he said Biden must be on some brain drug and he should be tested before the debate.  He's coming unhinged.

Of course, those in his cult will believe anything he says. They're also in mental decline. They've forgotten that he called COVID19 "a hoax"!! And, even after he acknowledged it, he kept contradicting the experts, some of which were of his own choosing, like Dr. Fauci, who now is hiding after receiving death threats from the Trumpistas.

Did you know that, so far, more cops have died of COVID19 than other causes combined? More deaths than 9/11 too.

What? they're not being gunned down by black criminals?...

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Well, sleepy, possibly senile Joe will debate the very stable genius Trump tomorrow, Tue, Spt 29th.*

It'll be a slaughter.* I mean, Trump, as he said, he's preparing for the debates by ..being president.

What could possibly derail this?* Is there anything in the news lately?... *

Will you be watching?



*I'm being sarcastic (just in case you didn't notice)

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With Trump not committing to a peaceful transfer of power, Fareed Zakaria presents a scary scenario of how Republicans might hold on to power. In Pennsylvania (where I vote) it seems that Republicans are actually working towards making this happen.

I have to admit that I do fear for Democracy in this country. Republicans have shown time and again that they don't believe in it, do not respect political norms, and they will pull out all the stops in order to hang on to power.

All I can say is: vote as if your life depends on it!

It really does!

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In a disgraceful debate - courtesy of the Orange Orangutan Donald J. Trump - the Asshole in Chief and the Republicans have laid out in plain view their plans of hijacking democracy. In my previous post, Fareed Zakaria outlines their plan - their only plan in hanging on to power to the detriment of the wish of the People of this country.

In case you missed it - just be ready for the most ugly debate you have ever seen.


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To prepare voters for potential voter intimidation, Georgetown University Law Center created fact sheets for all 50 states on illegal militias and what to do if voters encounter them.

From the website:

ICAP has created fact sheets for all 50 states explaining the laws barring unauthorized private militia groups and what to do if groups of armed individuals are near a polling place or voter registration drive. Select a state from the menu below to view the corresponding fact sheet.

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It seems that Biden will be the next president of the US, with 6-8 million more votes than Trump, nationally, and a comfortable Electoral Vote margin. Trump, true to his nature, is attacking our democratic institutions with baseless accusations. In 2016 he told a big lie that he also won the popular vote (H.R. Clinton did), which was another attack on the legitimacy of our elections. It's befitting him that he's going to be shamed and laughed out of town. Unfortunately, it'll be a s**t show for a couple months, but at least this national nightmare will be over.

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7 minutes ago, Epicurus said:

Unfortunately, it'll be a s**t show for a couple months, but at least this national nightmare will be over.

Of course it all starts with Fox News, the disgraced orange man's propaganda network.


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Fortunately, yes, as you said, this national nightmare will soon be over (well, in some 75 very painful days).

WI, MI, PA established voting rules under Republican leadership. GA's gov, secy of State and legislature all Repubs. Repubs won seats in the House and Senate, which doesn't make sense if Dems were cooking the votes. This clown at the WH claims that the universe is out to get him.  In my mind, it's a question about citizenship and patriotism to all those who have supported Trump and now are empowering him instead of telling him to stop his dangerous nonsense. Do they hold allegiance to the constitution, to our democracy, and our American ideals of a peaceful transfer of power, or to the "dear leader"?

What a sore loser!

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I am a Bernie Sanders supporter first hand, even though he didn't win the Democratic nomination, I am so happy Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump so that America will be back to respectability. 

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    • By Lazarus
      This is from BBC:
      Vegan protests: 'Un-Australian' activists arrested, PM Morrison says
      Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has criticised animal rights activists as "shameful and un-Australian" after dozens were arrested in nationwide protests.
      While - I have to admit - I'm note sure where PM Scott Morrison stands on issues, It looks to me like taking out a page from the Orange Orangutan's (Donald Trump) book. Divide the country in an effort to conquer. Pitch one group of people against another and start creating a condition that is hostile to people sharing values. Probably now is a good time to break up labor unions also?
      It seems that everywhere one turns, it's a right wing full frontal attack to the voice of the people.
    • Guest PastMember
      By Guest PastMember
      Inexplicable decision
      Online government portal Diavgeia turned out to be one of the most important reforms carried out in Greece over the last few years. A decision by today?s leftist-led coalition government to dismantle the transparency initiative program was based on absolutely unfounded excuses and represents a major setback. The government portal allowed citizens to have access to decisions regarding state recruitments and procurements, the expenditure of public organizations and other interesting information.
      In the absence of Diavgeia, what is more than certain is that the corrupt and the wasteful will once more be able to hide behind a veil of nontransparency. The removal of the transparency portal was no doubt an incomprehensible decision on the part of the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks administration.
    • By Bashibozuk
      Trump is not the problem; the DNC (i.e. the Democratic National Committee) is.
      When Carter (screwed by OPEC, unpopular thanks to OPEC, and sabotaged by his own party) was defeated in 1978, the Democratic National Committee decided that the plebe that voted Democratic could not be trusted to choose electable candidates. In the future the DNC would choose its own super-delegates who would enable the choice of good candidates.
      In 2016 those who read newspapers read that:
      The super-delegates were 15% of the total. Therefore, if the elected delegates were Sanders 49% and Clinton 36% of the total, Mrs Clinton would have been the Democratic candidate.
      At the New Hampshire’s primary Sanders received 60.4% of the poll vote and Mrs Clinton 38%, of the poll vote. Sanders had 15 voted delegates; Mrs Clinton had 9 elected delegates and 6 superdelegates. Is that possible that the the D in DNC stands for Double-dealing?
      On October 30, 2016, the DNC interim chair Donna Brazile was fired from her position as a political commentator at CNN over e-mail leaks suggesting she had improperly supplied Hillary Clinton’s campaign with advance knowledge of debate-questions.
      Let us move beyond the lady Macbeth aspects of the DNC. How idiotic must one be in order to manage to lose an election against a pathetic bimbo? This demands great talent. Examples:
      α) Trump brags that he will bring the factories back to the USA; the DP claims that the new factories will use robots and the unemployed will remain unemployed.
      β) The DP is all for clean energy. What about the coal-miners in WV? Under the DP plan they will live longer because of cancer avoidance. Moreover, since they will have less money, their life-span will feel even longer.
      γ) In the US the members of every group live, on the average, longer than the previous generation. With one exception; low-class whites. To the best of my limited knowledge, the DP has no plan for them.
      My impression is that Trump is not the problem. The doctor Frankenstein that created him is.
    • By Epicurus
      We had another mass shooting in the US, this time in Las Vegas, the deadliest of its kind, until the next one of course. Our right to be safe is trampled by the right for someone to own military-grade weapons.
      We had hoped that after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Congress would act to pass some federal gun safety laws. Nothing!  The victims' stories and pictures in Vegas are beginning to circulate now. I'll leave you with the images of the children of Sandy Hook as a horrific reminder that how a political party and its leaders are essentially in the pocket of the gun lobby.
    • By athinaios
      It's been a week since the US general election, and a new page in American politics has started. Let's put the other thread to rest, because it escalated into personal attacks, so let's respectfully discuss the new president's tenure and related matters here. 
      Let's remind ourselves that the point of this forum is to welcome a diversity of people and ideas, and to have a good time, even when we disagree with others; and, it'll be fun, because we'll be having a civilized discussion, right?...
      So, president-elect Trump....  We'll be watching but who can say what he'll actually do? How do you judge his first moves and statements?
    • By Tzatziki
      Pentagon Officials Allowed Workers to Use Government Credit Cards at Strip Clubs

      The initial 2015 audit discovered that workers spent nearly $100,000 at various strip clubs and related adult-oriented establishments, which kinda sounds like nothing when compared with the estimated $1 million spent at casinos. As for how exactly such charges are allowed to exist, the report's findings suggest that Defense Travel Management Office officials and DoD management did not properly explain how the travel cards should be used. Furthermore, DoD officials were not adequately trained on how to discipline those found to have misused the cards. For the complete rundown, read the full report right here.
    • By Tzatziki
      Thoughts? I think some form of campaign finance reform should be seriously considered.
    • By Dutch Eagle
      Yesterday the draw was made for the Copa America that will be held from June 3rd till June 26th in honour of the 100th anniversary of the South American Football Association CONMEBOL.
      16 countries will compete. Chicago and Boston will be amongst the venues.
      Anyone of you guys living up there intentions to watch a game?
    • By Koro
      The British parliamentary election is only a week away now and it looks like it will certainly be a hung parliament. Hard to predict what will happen, but we could end up with some sort of rainbow coalition of miss matched parties. What is your guys thoughts on this?
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