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USA 2020 Elections: The Democrats

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1. The voting system is definitely rigged in Texas. They Republicans (who are in charge in TX) have eliminated hundreds of polling places and didn't hire poll workers in ..certain communities despite population growth and increased voter interest.  I can't guess why.... On super Tuesday some people waited hours to vote--this discourages voting. But, if you say, like some Bernie people, that the Dem party is cheating him, that's false. A party, including its various officers and elected leaders, has a right to express a preference.  If I were them, or even an average Dem voter, I'd say the big prize in the winning the WH and the Senate, and keep the House. ... especially if the alternative is Trump. I might not want to gamble with someone who'd take the party in a more radical/progressive direction if this meant losing the big prize..... even if this were the direction I'd personally prefer.

2. Sanders has not been able to broaden this base in the needed demographics. His "people revolution" hasn't materialized. He wins the people under 30 by huge margins, except these people don't vote. In some states, their turnout was lower this year.

3. Michigan was unexpectedly lost to Trump in 2016. It's now a swing state. The Dem voters will have a say in a few days. Let's see what they think would be the best to put against Trump. "Sleepy Joe" may be keeping Trump awake at night... Even before his latest surge, Biden was beating Trump in Michigan among all voters according to numerous polls.

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You may have missed this in this climate of COVID19, but tonight, March 17th, 2020, Joe Biden effectively became the presumptive Dem nominee after winning in FLA, Ill, and AZ. He's also favored to win in most of the remaining states. Sanders cannot possibly win unless Biden drops dead.

So, Sanders should understand this, sit down with Biden to talk about policies, and withdraw from the race. He can't campaign any more given the situation. The Dem voters have spoken. It'd be best for the party and the voters not to have a prolonged campaign.

I think the general election campaign starts tomorrow.

Be safe and well under the circumstances.


PS>normally around here on this St Pat's day the bars would be busting with crowds. They're all closed now!  Same with many retail businesses. This is devastating to anyone connected to retail, and most workers, and retirees everywhere will suffer from this blow to the economy...

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I don't pretend to understand Yankee politics but what happened in the last few weeks ?  Sanders was made out to be a shoo-in and Biden wasn't even on the map.  Now all of a sudden Biden is the man.  What has Biden done to change things up so suddenly ?

And more importantly, are either of them capable of beating Trump ?  Don't call me an idiot.  You guys are the ones that have him as a president. ?

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First, most of us did not vote this moron in chief. He also lost the popular count by 3 million votes.

Sanders stood out in a field of many because of his core (some say fanatical) support. But, the majority of the Dem voters want someone who is more moderate and, above all, can be a better match against Trump in Nov.  Bernie failed to deliver on his promise to energize the base, especially the younger voters. As more and more candidates dropped out, Biden rose. He got important endorsements, especially in South Carolina--which he won big. 

His numbers against Trump look good now, but most importantly he's winning good demographics, especially in swing states.

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Biden was dead in the water until he won big in South Carolina since he does very well with the black electorate. Then, all of the leading moderates dropped out of the race and threw their support behind him, thereby coalescing the field.

The Dems will win the popular vote (again) but due to our outdated electoral system, he will need to win some key swing states. The big ones to watch out for are Penn, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Biden does well with the white working class voters so he has a good chance to take these states.

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We'll he'll have to be out a lot more to campaign for Biden than he did in 2016 for HRC.

Even though I'm not saying that Biden has to win by a lot to be legitimate, but it sure would be nice to send off Trump in a landslide. It would also make things easier because otherwise Trump will be contesting this for ever.


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13 hours ago, tantra129 said:

biden clearly has dementia ... how can the DNC make him run vs Trump?

And you know that how?

Maybe you can take the time to tell people in these forums why you don't like Biden and his platform, instead of pushing falsehoods and unsubstantiated rumors? (Does Hilary being 'sick' ring a bell? ) Trump couldn't lift a glass of water with one hand. Doesn't mean anything. What matters is that he is a racist and a disgrace to humanity.

Biden is running opposite Trump. Pick sides. No and, ifs or buts. Whether you are voting for one of them of somebody similar in your country.The contrast could not be starkest.

Edited by Pepito
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Utterly insane that people think he has dementia. Is this a low-key way of making fun of someone with a stutter? #SAD!

And honestly, if Trump wants to mock people for physical ailments (which we all know he does) - hopefully he can explain his own history of slurred speech, in addition to his recent water-drinking and ramp-walking escapades.

For comparison, two handy videos:


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Bernie stood a better chance, even though he's never been able to get more than 25% of the vote among the left-wing party. I feel like I'm on twitter now; this is ridiculous.

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14 hours ago, tantra129 said:

it is not a falsehood. watch his videos. he's not there. he has dementia, it is clear as light

Go push your bulls**t somewhere else buddy. Maybe you voted for a left party in your country, maybe you would've voted for Bernie had you lived here. Frankly I don't much care what you have to say, especially since you keep peddling the dementia diagnosis.  Why would anybody need doctors, why would anybody believe the media (that say Joe Biden's has a clear and focused mental state)? All we need if for tantra129 to watch a video or two on his flat screen TV, or his mobile phone - it doesn't much matter, as long as the patient is at least 500 miles away. He can diagnose mental conditions, physical deficiencies or (are you ready for this?) the menstrual cycle of a female cat. Just show him a video of your kitty.

On a serious side, in case you don't know this, Democratic Party voters selected Joe Biden as the party's nominee. Not the Democratic Party itself.

Speaking of Bernie Sanders, you do realize that he is not even a Democrat, right? Just a populist leftist that wanted to hijack the Democratic Party for his own ambitions. Kind of like what Trump did with the Republican Party - just coming from the opposite side. Bernie Sanders was full of promises that stood close to zero possibility of being implemented. But they sure sounded good, right? Bernie just wanted to hide behind the Democratic Party and pretend he has a plan. Sort of like a spoiled rich kid hiding behind daddy's money and pretending they are self made and a good businessman (yes, that is Donald Trump).

On a serious note, I would have liked it to have people from a younger generation running for the ultimate prize in politics, but what we'll get is Biden vs. Trump. Both old dudes, but only one (Trump) a proven a**hole. So yes, choose a side and vote for tomorrow's USA. Coulda, shoulda, woulda doesn't cut it. Ο κόμπος έφτασε στο χτένι as a Greek friend of mine (@JimAdams )used to say.

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What's your problem @Pepito ?  You sound kind of angry man.  I know a bloke who has some fine liquor in an igloo but he won't give me the key.  Maybe if you have a drink you'll chill out.

As for Biden vs Bernie, speaking from Oz where we just get snippets, they both seem old and frail.  If this is the *best* the Democrats can come up with to fight Trump, good luck to us all.  To be fair, all major political parties work this way, that is to say, they focus on their internal politics and individuals worry about getting to the "top" instead of focusing on the best candidate.  I'm sure the best candidate is someone I've never heard of.

Anyone taking bets ?  What are the odds of Biden vs Trump ?

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It's very striking that the people who think Uncle Joe has dementia are 1) Trump fans and 2) Bernie bros. I still haven't seen an actual diagnosis beyond you just not liking him.

Joe Rogan is entertaining but also a colossal moron. He's truly a font of wisdom, as long as that wisdom is pseudoscience and anarcho-libertarianism. And I say that as someone with a soft spot for libertarians.

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Well I'll say that 110% of politics is pandering to certain demographics. That is not necessarily identity politics, which focuses on identity to the exclusion of general policy.

Trump's strategy is to hit exactly the people who can swing the specific states that he needs to get over the electoral college threshold. There is nothing particularly novel about Biden committing to choosing a woman. That's not identity politics; the only difference between him choosing a woman and Trump choosing Pence is gender. There's a reason Trump chose a religious zealot - it is designed to sway the religious zealots (though I guess you can argue that Republicans have mastered the multi-identity coalition - see note below). Biden's casting a wider net because suburban women broke ranks with democrats last cycle and voted for Trump at a surprisingly high rate.

Hell, I'd also argue that most far-left would think that Biden is too far removed from the world of identity politics. One of many reasons they hate him, but it is probably not a coincidence that Biden overwhelmingly crushed Sanders.


Note: It's always struck me as interesting that the Republicans have managed to gather a few VERY INTENSE groups together that will  consistently vote in concert.

  • Evangelicals
  • Gun owners
  • Anti-regulation capitalists

Each of these has their own "bugbear" - evangelicals hate gays, gun owners care only about owning guns, the capitalists care about removing regulations. There's no reason someone who wants to be able to pollute at his factory should care about gay rights or gun ownership, but it's striking how these all move in complete lockstep. The Democrats, meanwhile, are fantastic at eating their own and can't manage this nearly as well.

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Biden has dementia ... or not.  What use is pushing it one way or the other on this forum going to change reality.  Time will tell.  Do we really think that someone who isn’t inclined to vote for Trump would do so based on this ?

Key will be when they have their debates.  Hopefully Biden can handle Trumps obnoxious and classless style and come out looking like a proper statesman.  If not, then the Dems didn’t pick the right candidate.

It amazes how divided the USA is and how no matter what some people will vote one way or the other.  Loyalty to a political party is an exceedingly rare thing here in Australia.  But I’m veering off topic now.

@tantra129 a subscription to Grammarly might be in order. ?

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I've always thought of him more as a libertarian stoner, myself. Likes guns, drugs, small government and personal choice.

Do any of you listen to the podcast Hardcore History? If not, I highly recommend it. I bring this up because (apart from it being ASTOUNDINGLY GOOD!) the host has another show called "Common Sense," which is basically a current events/politics podcast. There's a back catalog of a few hundred episodes but after the last election he basically clammed up.

I bring this up because the guy (Dan Carlin - who coincidentally is friends with Joe Rogan and has been on his show many times!) was kinda-sorta on the Trump side in the runup to the last election. His rationale is that the system in much of the West is fundamentally broken; too much power's been entrenched in the political class, etc etc. A lot of stuff that I think is pretty much spot-on. He also was mildly pro-Bernie for much the same reason as he liked Trump. His many criticisms of Clinton were, in my opinion, also very well thought out (and he absolutely nothing to do with the conspiracy theories and alt-right insanity that we see on twitter today).

Anyway, this is a very roundabout way of saying that people like Rogan may have liked Trump before the last election simply because he represented an opportunity to do away with that "swamp" that he likes to talk about draining. It would have been an amazing thing, had Trump become an actual leader. Or even just a slightly incompetent one.


Oh and Common Sense has only updated maybe two times in the last three years now because the actual reality of Donny has seen the host becoming utterly depressed over the state of politics today. Then again, anyone with eyes could have seen this coming so I can't say I really pity him that much.

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So let's talk policies.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden today celebrated the Supreme Court ruling blocking Trump from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) , calling it a "victory" and again saying that if elected, he will work "immediately" on legislation that would make the program "permanent."

The 5-4 ruling was written by Chief Justice John Roberts and joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor.

This is the second Supreme Court ruling that goes against the Republicans this week.

Is there anybody in these forums that believes that DACA should end, and if so, explain to us why?


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13 hours ago, tantra129 said:

more .....

Other than a couple of losers trying very hard to create uncertainty on Biden's health, anything else you've got? We know the playbook, we've seen it over and over again. You've made your opinion clear, we understand who you are and where you stand. Time to move one from the subject. Again, let's talk policies, not 'housewife' gossip or in Greek, ασε τα κατινίστικα φιλάρα! Unless of course the tank is empty - which is what I'm afraid of. ?

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