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Nations League - Game #5 - Greece V. Finland (Olympic Stadium, Athens) - November 15, 2018


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1 minute ago, GreekLunatic said:

not much has changed between Skibbe and Anastasiadis we play a boring style

Greece of the 2000s looked like Argentina compared to this boring style of the current NT.

Torosidis does it all but can't connect a proper cross. 

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54 minutes ago, Blackhawk said:

Guaranteed there will more fans at the games in Crete or anywhere else in Greece for that matter. The only problem is the pitch in Crete judging from yesterday's game by PAOK. It's in horrible shape.

Everyone lives in Attiki either in/near Athens. Now you're counting on one island? 

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60% possession and 2 shots on target in 93 minutes,. says it all really. Finland were worse than shite!


Unfortunately we just lack aggression and the know how to constuct a goal or even an attempt on goal. 


The coach needs to tell the players to stop with the endless back passes and also get someone who can take on and beat a player. 

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