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Nations League: Greece vs. Hungary (Groupama Arena, Budapest) - September 11, 2018


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we don't have any high quality finishers except mitro out there. our midfield looks fantastic though passing wise. with a healthy mitro up top we'll be a pretty nice side. i'm like the boucha kourbelis combo.

though scoreline sucks I like what i'm seeing overall. and think we can still get a draw or win next half

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You guys really think I would post my face in an anonymous forum If I didn't know this would be the outcome? We re playing better yet losing. I think we ll draw them. Reminder that the last hungary match we played was a bizarre score 4-3 in our favor. We need Pelkinho to take more prwtovoulies he is playing like he is trying to just serve Fortounis and Mitroglou in the Estonia match. He has a good long shot he can make things happen.

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