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CIA, NATO and the (Balkan/Ottoman) Style Politics

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When the In 1952 Greece and Turkey entered NATO although (or because) the Greek language had been enriched with a new word, αμερικανάκι=naive/stupid. After the 1974 fiasco, nearly all the Greeks came to believe that all the problems of the Greece were created the by the CIA and NATO. Recently the Greek demonology removed CIA and added EOK (European Economic Community). One can only wonder why the Greece stays within NATO and EOK.  Erdogan clearly thinks like a Greek. After all his grandfather was the richest “Greek” in Potamya and decided to become Turk (i.e. Muslim).

Apparently, when it comes to the USA and the NATO Erdogan thinks like the Greeks.  Eventually τα αμερικανάκια” woke up and the Washington Post had an article with the title It’s time for Turkey and NATO to go their separate ways. Therein the author states that Erdogan threatened the U.S. forces in Syria with an “Ottoman slap.” Both Dogu Perincek, an intellectual godfather of the Turkish military, and Adnan Tanriverdi, Erdogan’s military counselor, are both fiercely anti-NATO.

Whoever may want to read this article can find it in the Internet (another poisoned apple by the U.S. Department of Defense).

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  1. Be nice to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; he is of Greek descent and one day he may discover Phantis (a site for people of Greek descent) and join us.

  2. According to the press, Erdoğan has cancer and he will us for another 2 years; not longer.

  3. After WW1 parts of the Ottoman Empire were ceded to the victors (e.g., the Δωδεκάνησα were to ceded to Italy; Syria, Lebanon, and parts of what was left was classified as zones of influence (for England, France, Italy).

Note: Because the Δωδεκάνησα were part of Italy, when Greece and Turkey agreed to exchange the Greeks in Turkey (minus those in the City) and the Turks in Greece (minus those in Thrace) the Muslims/Turks in the Δωδεκάνησα were not forced to depart. After WW2 the Δωδεκάνησα were given to Greece.

Some years back I was in Rhodes and wanted to eat a sandwich or similar. I entered a food-shop and asked for a tas kebabı. Then the following conversation in Greek:

    • How did you know to say tas kebabı and not tas kebap?

    • I used to play soccer with some Turk Cypriots. When they were upset they would shout ###### otuzbirci #####. I learned some Turkish in order to understand them.   As a result, some times, when I use Turkish words, without thinking I apply the rules of the Turkish grammar. How did you know that the form tas kebabı is the correct one?

    • I am Turk!

      The maniacally patriotic Turks believe that the Turks were wronged then and the West plans to screw them again. As an example, when the USA deals with the Kurds, they fear that another of part of Turkey will not be part of Turkish in the future.

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When I was living with my mother, I was perfect.  Then I was married; now I am right only when I agree with my beloved.   Allah büyüktür!  My beloved was preparing me for the advent of Trumpism.   Now, while everyone turns bananas, I remain calm and collected.  I am truly blessed by the Eternal.


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For 40+ years the Greeks claimed that all the problems of Greece and of the world were created by the demonic USA.  Nevertheless, while the hot-air leftist propaganda may sound good,  the reality ignores all ideologies.  As a result, the marxism-light Greek government is negotiating the creation a new base  (F-22 Raptors and Patriot missiles) to be in  Karpathos.   Details can be read at  Αθήνα και Ουάσινγκτον συζητούν για αμερικανική βάση στην Κάρπαθο | iefimerida.gr 

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On 9/14/2018 at 2:44 PM, tantra129 said:

Yes. But you need to protect your nest egg. If you go too close, you are in reach of compromise.  Too far, you lose range. 

Do you think there is actually a solid strategic reason for Turkey purchasing the Russian defence system ?  Or is it Erdogan doing this just to stick it to the U.S. ?

It’s an air defence system.  Who will attack Turkey by air ?

Then again, maybe Erdogan and Putin have made an agreement on Syria and this is the price of doing business.

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Yes we did.  The difference is that Greece is not likely to  bomb its neighbors.  Turkish troops launched  aerial and  ground assaults on the American-allied Kurdish militias in Syria.  

 In this area all,  maybe the Kurds excepted, are congenitally liars.  The Turks have two problems:

1)  They fear that soon on later the Kurds in Turkey will have their own country.

2) The Turks are Venizelists.  They are of the opinion that what the Ottoman  in 1914 should be Turkish today.

In short, the interests of the USA and the desires of the neo-Ottomans are not incongruous.

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Shortly after I posted (above) that the Turks dream a Turkey as big as the Ottoman empire, I received an e-mail by my friend Recep. He wrote:

“Bashibozuk pasha, soon everyone will know how correct you were!

Indeed he declared urbi et orbi” that:

  1. Turkey does not need a naval base in the Cyprus. For Turkey it is a short distance and for that reason the creation of a base is not necessary.

  2. Nevertheless there also psychological aspects; for this reason Turkey may establish a naval base in the north Cyprus.

  3. Turkey is asked to reduce the number of its soldiers in Cyprus; Turkey will not. But she may increase their number.

There we are!


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