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The World Is on Fire, and the Fires Illuminate the World

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        1. The 2018 California fires resulted (up to now) in 3 known deaths

  1. In Attica the fires resulted in 91 deaths and 25 citizens whose status is unknown (most likely dead).

  2. In the USA the Trump-enablers are on fire; day after day they inform us that Mr. Trump is a clown or worse; the question is what we can deduce about those who managed to have him nominated (ie,. the Republicans) and those who lost the election (mostly the mandarins of the Democratic Party).

  3. It is believed that Mr Putin as well enabled the election of Mr Trump. If this is true, Mr Putin and company understand the thinking of the American plebeians and the mandarins of the Democratic Party do not.

            The above-listed scourges would have avoided if

         1.  The state services in Greece were run and provided by Americans (preferably Californians and not of Greek origin; the latter risque to relapse)

          2. Two lists of American citizens be should kept. The first, P, would consist of the plebeians (uneducated and poor); the second, RE, would consist of the Americans that are rich

              and/or  educated. In the event that the presidential darling of the RE-list fails to be elected, substantial fines would be paid by the RE members.

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There used to exist a decent Greek newspaper, Ελευθεροτυπία, which ran out of moolah and now appears on the Internet (www.iefimerida.gr). One can read there the opinions of a German professor (expert on fires and climate changes) about the recent fires in Attica. The following part of the article is, in my opinion, interesting:

Στο ερώτημα εάν ήταν δυνατή η κατάσβεση δύο ταυτόχρονα εξελισσόμενων πυρκαγιών στη δυτική και ανατολική Αττική απαντά: «Oχι, διότι στο Μάτι η πυρκαγιά εξελίχτηκε εντός λίγων λεπτών», με την πρόσθετη επισήμανση ότι ακόμη και οι Αμερικανοί πυροσβέστες αδυνατούν να αντιμετωπίσουν πυρκαγιές, με ανέμους 120 χιλιομέτρων την ώρα (http://www.iefimerida.gr/news/435588/koryfaios-kathigitis-apokalyptei-ti-vasiki-aitia-tis-fonikis-pyrkagias-sto-mati).

Obviously, the professor is of the opinion that the US firemen are the best firemen on the planet. Apparently, minus a few exceptions (e.g., Mr Trump, the squatters in the Democratic Headquarters and the New Yonkers), the Americans tend to be serious about their work and their duties.

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Fire is inevitable, including deadly occurrences in populated areas, but how societies organize themselves matters a lot. In corrupt systems, with a long history of bad laws, poor enforcement of good laws, and a culture of weak civic duty, bad things turn into disasters.

In the Attiki fire, everything that could go wrong did. From the person who decided to burn stuff on their property to the gov response to individual actions.  Unfortunately, catastrophes like this one (fire or flood) happen too often and very little is done to prevent the next one.

This picture is an example of a bad practice.... from the enforcement of traffic code to the car owners who don't think (or care) about allowing a way for emergency vehicles, or an evacuation to pass....   Cars parked on both sides of a street..... and, then cars meet face to face with nowhere to go.

greek fire.jpg

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