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2026 FIFA World Cup Usa-Mexico-Canada

Dutch Eagle

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FIFA just selected USA, Mexico and Canada to host the 2026 World Cup. 

It will be the first time for Canada to host the World Cup, the second time for USA (1994) and the third time for Mexico (1970 and 1986).

I think that the 48-nations World Cup was beneficiary for the selection of these three countries with already a lot of stadiums that can be filled with +50K spectators.

Hope my friends in the new world can grab some games.

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@moderator: can you change some things in the name of the topic to 2026 (my bad as it is so far away) and Usa to USA (bad of the system)? Thanx!

Edit: Could change it to 2026 but not to USA......

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Big disappointment by the mayor of Chicago who refused to be part of the 2026 World Cup bid. As a result no 2026 WC games will take place in Chicago. The closest city to me will probably be Kansas City.

Really disappointing as I had a great time in 1994, when I saw all 5 WC games that were played in Chicago.

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Host cities:

USA (11): Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles/SoFi Stadium, Miami, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle.

Canada (2): Toronto and Vancouver.

Mexico (3): Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey.

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