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Cyprus vs. Greece ( 7 October 2017, GSP Stadium, Nicosia )


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1 hour ago, Chris Tsamados said:

Actually I think our most likely route will be Republic of Ireland beating or drawing with Wales. Both these teams can still qualify and I think Wales are just a one man team (Gareth Bale). 


I give a 40% for Wales to draw Rep of Ireland or even lose to them. Gareth Bale is injured and missing.

40%  chance for Slovenia to at least draw Scotland

20% chance for the Ukraine match to go our way. I honestly hope Ukraine DOES beat Croatia since they kick Croatia out of hte play offs an then it's probably gonna be Switzerland - Italy the only hard opponents for us. Northern Ireland and Sweden really aren't so hard to beat in a play off format. Maybe a Group stage but definately , a play off match , we know how to win those (rememberhow we got into Euro 2012 WC 2010 and WC 2014 all via play offs).

Possibility wise in the first two matches 4 out of 6 results suit us. What are the odds the other 2 results come? Ireland beating Wales by 5 is impossible. Not to mention that those guys (Irish Welsh Scotts English) literally hate each other when it comes to football so I doubt any of them would lose on purpose so that the other has a chance.

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i also hope ukraine beats croatia. i think we'll be in from today as scotland won't beat slovenia (they barely escaped from a game at home against slovakia with a 90th min own goal and all that while playing with 1 man up from the 20th minute).


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10 hours ago, J1078 said:

I agree we should have battled it out with Belgium for first but bottom line we went toe to toe with Belgium and could have one the first game and should have gotten a draw in the second.. Belgium are a much better team then us. So you expect us to take first from Belgium but are afraid to play Denmark,Sweden ,Swis? Belgium are much better then those teams. There is nothing wrong with furnishing second in a group that has a much stronger opponent then our team.. at least we managed to finish second. The only down fall was the draw to Estonia.. I think Greece will bring there A game when they're the underdogs as we showed with Belgium.. let's just pray for one more result so we can get into the playoffs and who ever we draw we draw..

I never expected us to take first from Belgium,  but we should have controlled the group with Belgium. Look at Italy/Spain they locked up 1st and 2nd, Portugal and Swiss the same Germany and Northern Ireland the same. We went into the last weekend in 3rd place hoping for so many scenarios to help us. Still waiting on like 4 outcomes for dragging our asses over the line. In a group with Gibraltar, Estonia, Cyprus and Bosnia we should have finished in 2nd like a boss with max pts from those teams, and plus 15 goals and  not praying for a miracle to save us. 

We were Euro champs 13 yrs ago but nothing has changed. We are the first Euro champs to not qualify for a World Cup after winning the title, we couldn't even get into last years Euros which was suppose to be a given. And now we wait on teams like Scotland to help us lmfao ?

If we do make it to the playoffs those 4 seeded teams will be licking their lips in hope of playing us. They will wipe the floor with this national team. 

A Lot of you will probably say im anti-Greek and etc etc. But really I have lived thru the dark ages of Greek football. When we qualified for our first Tournament I was in heaven. But when we won 2004 I thought this is the making of something beautiful. Things were on the way up. The federation would build on this. But instead it has slowly gone backwards. We are sinking faster and faster and soon no way back again. We will only have the memory of 04 to think about. 


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^Yes I will agree with you that we should have locked up second place and actually we had plenty of opportunities to do so. But realistically speaking Greece has never really qualified for a tournament with ease they usually always have to go to a playoff as they've never done it the easy way. Greece is and never was one of those teams that will hammer through qualifiers with ease bottom line they've just never been good enough when compared to the elites.. But I disagree that the teams waiting for the playoffs would be licking there chops to go a against Greece. Greece always plays the better teams hard and the weaker teams worse and that's because Greece cant play when they are forced to keep possession and force the game, Greece is good when they sit back take what's being thrown at them and then catch you on a counter. If your hoping Greece will ever become an elite team that's just not going to happen. Lets be happy if Greece can become a second tier team under the elites which is very respectable and still gives them decent chances to progress in tournaments.. After the last campaign which was an absolute s%$#! show at least they have come back and taken second in a much tougher group then we had for the euro qualifiers that we finished last.. Its a step in the right direction from last campaign..

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Ela re Torontoblue,

I hear what you are saying.....But we don't have the talent that the big boys of Europe have the luxury of. Are you trying to imply that since Euro 2004 Greece have had comparable stud players littered through our lineup and we have just s%$#! the bed at a casual pace...then I don't follow you.

today is a new day, the Greek National team controls what they can. We have Gibraltar tomorrow. What would you be saying if we had Belgium away instead as our last game tomorrow. 

Don't trim your pinkie nail, polish up up your oversize Stavrouli, drink 2 shots of Metaxa 3 star tomorrow, if need be light up a Karelia classic and just enjoy tomorrow's match and don't be that guy that is going to be revisiting all of the past errors of the Ethniki or else you might get a pandolfla from a cousin.

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tell us something that most of us already don't know. It is what it is, what are you going to do about it? Accept it. Greece's soccer federation is a disaster and a pissing match between the handful of big clubs. Soccer is a gong show in Greece. Corruption is a rife as Greek politics. What are you really expecting? Transparency, fairness, honesty, and good faith. Hell, they even were wire tapping and video taping the Greek players a their facility. 

If we all really, really, really want to be extremely honest about Greek soccer. Please give me odds what it would be for Greece to win another Euro or a world cup. I think you are dipping into your papa's tsipouro.

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4 hours ago, Chris Tsamados said:

Watching the game now. Slovenia definitely the better team and pretty much having constant possession. Let's hope Scotland don't get a lucky winner.

Crazy. Officials waved off the 2nd Norwegian goal at the final whistle. Imagine if that had been the difference in Greece advancing 

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I completely disagree with everyone.

In the next 2 years if Greece qualifies for the WC they ll make a team much stronger.

Stafylidis is becomming a more solid Holebas.

Sokratis- Manolas are the best defenders we ve ever produced with back ups of a solid Papadopoulos and a prospect Retsos.

Mitroglou enters the age where strikers and CBs reach their peak. He has learned from his experience. He is a statik player and his pace was never anything to care about.

Donis a second striker who has everything we ve never seen on a player in the NT. The pace and the dribble to challenge man to man defenders and be able to shoot. Still too young but obviously above promising. He looks like a complete player with only his decision making needing upgrade.

Midfield Samaris I suppose will find a new team to be match fit more than he currently is, being in and out of Benfica's bench despite the team clearly not doing well. I suppose he ll start getting more game time since teams who go through bad periods need a change. Benfica defense seems to be the issue so I suppose Samaris will get some chances to prove himself.

Our other midfielders are all below average but Zeca has proven that he is solid defensively and probably brings up his game with the NT. Bilbao coach praised him after PAO matches. He has to know more. He called him elite. Offensively he is nothing. Defensively he is another wall in front of our CB wall.

This team brought their best game in 3 out of 4 matches with the big boys of the Group. This team if they qualify they will prove us all wrong. Either they go further than Groupstage or not is not the point. If we look every opponent we face as well as we did vs Bosnia and Belgium (mind you half the teams that make it will be equal and maybe worse than Bosnia), we ll look like we deserved that spot out of the 32.


As for the whole Dark era. You all f*ckers now understand why Santos was using Karagounis/Katsouranis till they reached elderly age. We had a 6 and 8 who controlled whole games.

That's literally what's missing right now. A 8 like Kara who can be a transition god. To dethrone Samaris from his starting spot and create a link from offence to defense.

3-5-2 is on paper our strongest formation. Im only talking about names. Individuals. If it works for this NT or not is totally not the question but 3-5-2 is on paper a formation we could have an extra back pass and a bit more focus over Mitroglou and how to service him.

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