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Cyprus vs. Greece ( 7 October 2017, GSP Stadium, Nicosia )


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The only player missing from their A line up is Lukaku and I doubt Batsuayi is anything bad. Dzeko Tier at worst.

They stating Hazard KDB , Carrasco , Mertens and all 3 at the back are the same against us. Naingollan was missing with us and they still scored twice. Bonsia playing Vranjes as a Right Back and if I found it on time i would play that he gets a red card in this game. Guy is too stubborn and probably they re all too h0rney for a win. I think we ll get everything we need from Belgium.

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The problem is the pitch is so horrible Belgium have probably said stuff this we aren't risking injury, also all technical advantage they have has been negated by the pitch. The game is so open and Belgium are bad in defence in this game.

i can see Belgium scoring, problem is I see Bosnia scoring as well.

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1 minute ago, jvc said:

^^Guys relax. Lol.  The team is on a rebuilding stage.  Not ready for qualifying yet.  This campaign was successful,  the coaching staff has done a great job,  and has risen this team from the gutter.  We will qualify for Europe.

That honestly has nothing to do with which team deserves 2nd spot more. 

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